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1. No More Blood Oil

Canada buys oil from countries with horrendous human rights records and violations. Why, when we have enough to be self sufficient and have been proven to have some of the world's cleanest environmental standards?

Did you know The title of ‘world’s dirtiest oil’ goes to Brass crude blend from Nigeria, where the uncontrolled release of methane during the oil extraction process generates upstream GHG emissions that are over four times higher than Canadian dilbit.” Its also the worlds biggest offender of female mutilation/Circumcision.

Saudi Arabia, one of the worst offenders of human rights in the world, has covered up their environmental disasters for years. Easy for a regime with total control over their media and closed to outside influence to do. The largest oil spill on record next to the BP in the Gulf of mexico was over 6 million Barrels spilled into the persian Gulf. In fact, the bodies of water adjacent to these middle east countries are known to be the most contaminated on earth. And everyone knows about the constant burning of wells around the region. Ignited by nations in constant war with each other over this black gold.

And Contrary to what the media tells you The ‘dirtiest oil in North America’ is not produced in Canada, but just outside Los Angeles, where the Placerita oil field generates about twice the level of upstream emissions as Canadian oilsands production. The US is also the 2nd worst country in the world for emissions next to China. How many wars have they funded and countries destabilized in their efforts to ascertain or control oil reserves.

By eliminating the purchase from these extremist countries we can solve so many problems. Not only in their countries, but our own. It will show the world what being Canadian really is. Remove the money from tyrannical regimes. Show strength in our belief of our charter, Unite Canada from coast to coast, and will boost our hurting economy.

2. Give Adults a Choice: Stop the Seat Belt Law

There are 31 states that don't require Helmets when riding a motorcycle but we are forced to wear a seat belt when driving a car.

The numbers show that when wearing a seat belt you have a 30% of not getting injured and a 50% of not getting killed and when not wearing a helmet you have a 50% chance of getting a fatal injury to the head.

Children and drivers 21 and younger should wear a seat belt but over 21 should have a choice just like motorcycle drivers have a choice to wear a helmet.

3. Increasing the buffer geometry models of vehicles for ETS2

Most of the players after playing this game distaste for that was very limited ability to convert their models of trucks and trailers for the game, which a lot of people decided to stay with the old versions of the simulator.

Większość graczy po zagraniu w tą grę czuje niesmak ponieważ bardzo mocno została ograniczona możliwość konwertowania swoich modeli przez co wiele osób postanowiło pozostać przy starszych wersjach symulatora.

4. Support Offroad Park at St Clair County management area AL

The off-road community is big and all over the U.S. and we are losing a lot of our ridding places all over.

So this petition is to try to get us a good place that we can go and enjoy our hobby.

5. Boycott Shell Reduce their Gas Prices

The petroleum cartel will never be broken legally. Some have suggested we stop buying gas for a day. That's a joke for the oil companies.

The answer is to select one large company and hurt them globally by using social media around the world. The regular media will never do this.

It's up to vehicle owners.

6. REDUCE Food Truck Regulations in West Palm Beach

The City of West Palm Beach, Florida currently restricts all Mobile Food Vendors from operating in a zone they have designated as Downtown (from Palm Beach Lakes Blvd to Okeechobee Blvd and Flagler Dr to Australian Ave).

The City of West Palm Beach also restricts Mobile Food Vendors from operating closer than one block in proximity to each other, without a special event permit. The current cost for a special event permit is, $50 non-refundable application fee and a minimum of $500 per occasion.

The City of West Palm Beach is currently searching for ADDITIONAL regulations to be placed on mobile food vendors. Ideas such as, having all vendors park in a central location for a tourist attraction and restricting proximity to existing businesses are being proposed.

7. Boris: Install mirrors that save cyclists lives (Petition for Paula)

On April 5th 2011, on a clear afternoon long before rush hour, London cyclist and student Paula Jurek was knocked down and killed by a lorry turning left from Camden Road into St Pancras Way. She was just twenty.

She joins many other cyclists killed or gravely injured in the same circumstances in London, but if you click the image above to sign this petition for Paula, and many others, you can help ensure this doesn't happen again.

Her death could have been prevented by three things, one of which is so cheap and simple it could be done tomorrow.

As Boris Johnson tries to coax more cyclists onto our roads, he must also make the same effort to keep them safe. Here’s how:

1. MIRRORS FOR LORRY DRIVERS: In 2010, Mr Johnson introduced "Trixi" mirrors, mounted at junctions to give lorry drivers greater visibility on their left sides and to prevent these kinds of accidents.

But he installed only 39 of these mirrors for the entire capital.

He said they would be "reviewed", but their effectiveness has already been demonstrated in Europe. In January, he was asked when this review would be available. His answer: "TfL will shortly be discussing the results of the trial… to retain the existing mirrors and to install further mirrors." That was January. Where are the results? Where are the mirrors?

Both lorry drivers and cyclists have agreed the mirrors are a big help. Even the Deputy Chair of London's Transport Committee and one of Mr Johnson's own colleagues, Caroline Pidgeon, says these mirrors are an important part of improving cycle safety. But Boris has stalled.

The mirrors do not cost much to install or maintain, and the process involves no disruption. They save lives. We need more, now.

2. CITY TRAINING FOR LORRY DRIVERS: Lorry drivers cannot always see cyclists. While a few London boroughs have specifically trained lorry drivers to watch for them on the capital’s busy and sometimes narrow roads, most boroughs still haven’t.

3. SAFE CYCLE ROUTES IN CAMDEN: There are few provisions for cyclists in Camden, yet many students and young people bike there every day. Camden's roads are packed and its cyclists need safe cycle lanes and cycle boxes. The junction at which Paula died has only one cycle box. Why? It should have three.

Camden Councillor Paul Braithwaite has been pushing TfL to improve cycling provisions where Paula died. "There are far too many deaths on Camden Road," he says.

8. Stop the Trucks in Vermont Villages

As of December 18, 2010 heavy trucks will be banned again from the interstates in Vermont. The expiration of this bill will cause problems in the villages of Vermont. Trucks will have to travel longer distances to reach their destinations thereby increasing costs.

The villages had enjoyed less trucks going through their neighborhood making it safer for the children, reduced pollution, damages to our homes, and less damage to small roads which cannot take the heavy loads of some trucks.

9. Stop Wagga Council from trying to ban trucks in Tarcutta Main Street

Wagga Wagga City Council has proposed to stop all trucks from parking in the Main St of Tarcutta, NSW post bypass and prohibiting any transport related business from starting within the Village. This is to be passed in their DCP (Development Control Plan).

We need to stop this from happening. Tarcutta has been Australia's own Transport town since trucks started running the Hume Highway.

10. Put a stop to riding in the bed of a truck Unrestrained

In the event of a vehicle crash, any occupants riding in the bed unrestrained will be ejected and this greatly increases the likelihood of traumatic injuries and even death.

It should be forbidden completely to ride in the bed of a truck, without properly being restrained, on public roads to take the mystery or confusion out of this very dangerous activity.

You can purchase seating for the bed of your truck at, these seat are legal and with keep your passengers safe.

11. Don't Encrypt The OPP System

There have been many times when the O.P.P has called for tow trucks to assist in situations where there is danger to the public due to a traffic hazard, whether it be broken down vehicle or an accident.

During those times, the Tow Truck Drivers are depended upon to remove any vehicles off the road to a safe location so the safety of the public is the first to be taken into consideration.

To get the drivers that drink and drive off the road before any casualties are caused, these individuals (Tow Truck Drivers) dedicate themselves to help the police find the impaired drivers and make our highways safe for the rest of the public.

12. Stop forward motion on transfer station

Proper discussion has not been initiated with the town board, town residents, and BOCC, Road & bridge and county manager and forward motion has begun.

The economic feasibility of this HSS site is not fully researched as the BOCC does not know where the trash will be hauled. Depending on this answer, other sites (specifically Kremmling landfill and Fraser Road and Bridge shop could be more feasible).

There are no regulations in place to insure the community's safety. There are no regulations in place should any regulations be violated with the potential for hazardous health and environmental impacts.

We have been unfairly isolated from the planning process with the above departments. The people of this county should have been involved in this important decision effecting all of our lives.

There are documented examples of other communities transfer stations who do not adhere to maintenance of the facility.

Increased carbon footprint due to truck traffic mileage when traveling large distances to and from Hot Sulphur Springs.

This proposal is in direct conflict with the Grand County Master Plan with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs on issues of preserving agricultural and ranching views on the east end of the town, and joint development with the county within a three mile area of the town.

There will potentially be a negative impact to the water quality due to the close proximity of the waste transfer station to the Colorado River and the source for the Hot Sulphur Springs municipal water plant.

Negative impact on National Scenic Byway, one of few in the state and country

Negative impact to our community is documented in other communities fights against transfer station. They include, visual, odor, noise, traffic, and ground water issues as listed below:

Truck traffic including leachate and trash escaping from trucks, heavy truck traffic, road infrastructure and damage, and increased noise

Noise pollution with large trucks, the trucks dropping loads that may still be encased in steel dumpsters onto concrete tipping floors which can cause adverse vibration in nearby structures.

Odors escaping from open facility doors and unclean trucks

Falling property values and disease spreading due to external vectors such as bugs, birds, mice, and other vermin

Cumulative impacts on public health and quality of life from noxious odors, water quality contamination, increased external vectors, dust, and truck exhaust

Increased fire hazard involved in storage and transfer of materials

Litter and the resulting reduction of property values from improperly sealed trucks, improperly stored garbage, and from wind when doors are open

Property values will decrease due to above issues

13. Dakar in Australia 2010!

With the cancellation of Dakar 2008 due to terrorist threats, the organisers of the Dakar have to find some new ground.

While Africa will always be the spiritual home of the Dakar, its just not possible in the near future. ASO says they want to explore the deserts of the world, and well, we have 1,371,000 square kilometers of them, and thats just the start of it. With the Dakar heading to South America in 2009, there is a chance they may want to explore other options for the following years.

With over 4 million square kilometers of sand to explore, there is more than enough chance for racers to get lost in the heart of Australia. With the world famous such as Ayers Rock (or Uluru) and the Olgas, there are plenty of unforgettable sights for the media madness of the Dakar. And hey, theres even a pink lake at the bottom of W.A, coincidence, I think not.

Losistics, transport and services all become that much easier in a country that has grown with being remote, not just to each other, but the rest of the world. The language barrier, passports, visas, medicine, water, fuel, everything becomes pretty easy when touring the deserts of Australia. While english isn't everyones first language, I don't know a lot of people who can say Mandarin is even on their list. (China want the Dakar for 09).

Great deserts, great people, great riding, great everything. So come on ASO, there arent too many excuses for not moving to Australia, but there ARE a lot of reasons to move here.

14. No to speed limiter, Non aux limiteurs de vitesse

Since 2005, The Ontario Trucking Association and the Canadian Trucking Alliance are putting pressure on the MTO and many other Provincial agencies to mandate the use of the electronic speed limiter on all heavy trucks over 11,000kg of GWVR.

The reasons given for that range from safety to environment, to leveling the playing field to all the industry. This will affect any truck operating into, out of, and within the Province.

Depuis 2005 l'OTA et l'ACCA metten de la pression sur les divers ministères pour forcer la mise en fonction obligatoire du limiteur de vitesse électronique de tout camions qui opèrent dans, en dehors, et en dedans la Province de l'Ontario.

Les raisons sont variés passant de la sécurité à l'environnement, et pour niveler la compétition.

15. Stop the Transload Facility in Lockport, Illinois at Chevron Texaco


Chevron (formerly Texaco) located at 301 West Second Street Lockport Illinois has been in remediation for years and is now ready for development.

Opus North was hired to develop this property .

The first parcel ready for occupation is in the south end of the property near 2nd Street and they are considering a Transload Facility that would involve additional train cars unloading things like plastic pellets, lumber and paper rolls and 170 diesel trucks entering the facility 5 days a week. (Approximately 100 on the weekend)

16. Ban Horse Slaughter End The Pain

Me and My Friend Lyndsay Are Making a Petition TO Ban Horse Slaughter In Canada Because Its Just Not Right Horses Are Meant To Be Girls/Boys best friends their companions not our food.

It’s Just Cruel What There Doing to Horses Their Not Meant to Be on Our Diner Table. They’ve been Around for Many Years Helping Us through War And pulling Carriages and This Is How We Repay Them. Say you owned a Horse How Would u Feel If Some Truck Pulled up and took Him/her away to Be Someone’s Dinner.

Some Of The Horses Don’t Even Make It to The Slaughter House Because The Trucks Aren’t Wide Or Tall Enough And They Try To Squish As Many Horses As They Can Into The Truck And Some Of Them End Up Breaking there Leg Cause It Get Stuck The A Crack I The Truck. There SO Cruel They Take Babies As Soon As Their Born and Fatten Them up and Slaughter them and that’s Not Right.

They take pregnant mares too. All People Send Horses To Slaughter Just Because they Don’t Win Ribbons Anymore Or If They Start To Get Old Who Cares If He/She Doesn’t Win Anymore Ribbons He/She Had a Good run that’s no reason to just through them or because there old. Thousands of Horses Get Killed Each Year by Slaughter.


17. Prosecute LTTE War Crimes


Killing innocent civilians have always been 'fair play' for sick LTTE Tamil terrorists since the beginning of the conflict in Sri Lanka, particularly just after suffering a setback at the hands of the Sri Lankan army. The most recent cases being when they exploded a massive truck bomb killing over 100 people and injuring over 1000 in Colombo on 31 Jan 1996, soon after loosing control of Jaffna peninsula and exploding another massive truck bomb and shooting unarmed security guards killing 12 civilians on 15 October 1997, just as they were loosing the battle to halt the Sri Lankan army clearing a land route to Jaffna peninsula.

These are some of the other instances where LTTE has killed innocent civilians after suffering a setback.


Nov 30 LTTE Attacks on Sinhalese villages in north-eastern border areas kill 127 people, mostly sinhalese.


May 14 LTTE terrorists attack sacred north-central city of Anuradhapura, killing 150
May 3 Air Lanka airplane bombed at Colombo airport, killing 16 people.
May 7 Bomb destroys central telegraph office killing 14 people.
April 21 Car bomb exploded by LTTE terrorists at Colombo bus stand killing 113
June 2 LTTE terrorists stop bus and shoot 33 people, including 29 Buddhist monks near the eastern town of Arantalawa.


May 1 LTTE planted Landmine blows up bus killing 22 passengers in Trincomalee.
Nov 14 27 Sinhalese die in attack on bus at Trincomalee by LTTE terrorists.
Feb 11 34 Sinhalese killed in shootings at Duluwewa in north-east.
Feb 28 Terrorists kill 37 Sinhalese at Borawewa in Northcentral Province.
April 13 Car bomb in Trincomalee kills 51 people shopping for new year.


Aug 3 140 Moslems praying at mosque in eastern village of Kattankudy killed in machete, gun and grenade attack
Aug 12 120 Moslems killed at Eravur, north of Batticaloa.


March 2 Deputy defence minister Ranjan Wijeratne killed by LTTE car bomb in Colombo.
April 21 21 villagers killed in attacks in south-east Moneragala.
July 8 27 civilians killed in Batticaloa.


Sept 1 Bicycle bomb in eastern Batticaloa kills 22 Moslems.
Oct 15 166 Moslems killed in north-eastern Palliyagodella.


April 23 LTTE terrorists kill former security minister Lalith Athulathmudali at rally in Colombo.
May 1 LTTE suicide bomber kills President Ranasinghe Premadasa and 23 others in Colombo.


Jan 19 15 bus passengers killed in bomb blast at Anuradhapura.
March 21 22 fishermen killed in north-western Puttalam.
Apri l8 Three bombs explode at Colombo hotels, killing two.
Nov 24 Opposition leader Gamini Dissanayake and 51 others killed by suicide bomber.


May 26 42 Sinhalese villagers killed at Kallarawa near Trincomalee.
June 4 Ship chartered by International Committee of the Red Cross blown up in northern Jaffna.
Aug 7 Suicide bomber explodes bomb hidden in coconut cart in Colombo killing 24 and wounding 40.
Oct 20 LTTE terrorists blow up two oil depots in Colombo, killing more than 20 security personnel.
Oct 26 24 Sinhalese villagers massacred in east after 90 slaughtered in earlier attacks in what government said was attempt to divert troops from north.
Nov 11 Two suicide bombers kill 15 people in Colombo in unsuccessful attack on Army headquarters.


Jan 31 A truck packed with what police said was a 500-kg plastic bomb rams into the Central Bank building. The explosion brings down a huge section of the nine-storey building, killing 100 people and injured about 1,400.
July 4 A woman suicide bomber kills at least 21 soldiers and civilians, and wounds 50, including a cabinet minister.
July 24 LTTE explodes two bombs on a rush-hour commuter train kill 57 people and injure at least 257.


July 5 LTTE murders Lawmaker Arunsalam Thangathurai and four other Tamils in a grenade attack.
July 17 North Korean ship carrying food, attacked and seized, killing one crew member.
Sept 9 Civilian ship attacked north of the eastern port of Trincomalee. Thirty-two people killed in a gun battle between terrorists and the Sri Lankan navy.
Oct 15 At least 11 people killed in LTTE terrorist bomb blast and ensuing gun battle in central Colombo.

18. Defend II Lt. Ilario Pantano against Injustice

II Lt. IIlario Pantano. Marine Corps. A Hells Kitchen, Manhattannative, Father of two including a four month old daughter, is being brought up on charges of pre-meditated murder when in self-defense he shot and killed Two Iraqi insurgents in the hostile city of Fallujah.

He is facing a Article 32 hearing and if charged could face the Death Penalty. The incident occurred on April 15, 2004. II Lt.Pantano was leading his platoon in a search for weapons and insurgents, to a suspected hide-out/weapons cash near Baghdad. The search yielded several weapons, ammunition, and materials such as nails that could be used to make home-made bombs. During the search, two insurgents ran out of the building and attempted flee the scene in their truck.

The insurgent vehicle was stopped. Lt. Pantano told the men to search the truck themselves, as bombs and booby-traps were suspected. The men began acting nervously and tried to run away. Pantano ordered them both to stop in Arabic, they refused and acting quickly for his and his platoons safety shot them.

Lt. Pantano's commanders conducted an investigation, which valiadted his actions. He continued to serve his tour of duty, then returned to the United States to Camp Lejeune. It was not until an as yet to be named enlisted marine that was under Lt.Pantano's command during the incident, filed a complaint against Lt. Pantano that raised an eyebrow over the April 2004 combat incident. The enlisted man filed the complaint months after the shootings took place.

Sign the petition, Free Pantano
the petition will be sent to President G.W Bush in 15 days.

19. Nascar point system changes

We the fans of NASCAR {National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing] demand that you do not use the "play-off" point system that is planned for the 2004 Nascar season. We the fans of NASCAR want to have the point system that has been in place from 1975 to the 2003 season to be the only point system used to the championship. The 2003 Busch and Craftsman truck series season championship battles came down to the final laps so it shows that the systems works.

20. Yes to Truck in driveway

The petition is to allow raymond mucci to park his work truck in his driveway at home.

21. Asphalt Plant Halt

A proposed asphalt recycling plant may soon be located in Casitas Springs, CA, if it is not stopped.

This plant will result in pollution to the air as well as increased truck traffic. The average number of truck trips would be 106 per day, and the peak daily number could reach as high as 672.

Air quality will be impacted by the truck traffic as well as emissions from the actual operation, including hazardous particulate matter.

The surrounding area is known for its clean air and beautiful mountain surroundings.