#Local Government
Central Office Union County Tennessee Schools
United States of America

April 24, 2006

Petition created by Maynardville.Com in response to inquiries unanswered on it's public forum.

In united voice we sign this petition to ask respectfully that Mr. Charles Thomas (Or current Director of Union County Tennessee Schools) his or her designees and authorized employees and employees of the Union County School System, at his direction do hereby do the following;

Research all fundraisers conducted at all schools in the Union County School system in the last three years.

Ascertain what funds and amounts were collected.

Ascertain what groups collected these funds.

Ascertain what benefits these groups claimed the funds to benefit.

Ascertain the final disposition of these donated and collected funds.

We also ask that the findings be published in report form on the Union County Public Schools website (www.ucps.org) and published in at least one newspaper of general circulation inside the boundaries of Union County Tennessee.

A copy of this completed petition both signed online and in person will be completed and delivered to Central Office and School Board.

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