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The N cable network
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The N, the cable network here in the United States which airs the Canadian television show Degrassi:Then Next Generation, is refusing to air the first two episodes of the new season. Due to the nature of the episodes, in which Manny, 15, becomes pregnant with Craig's, 16, baby and decides that abortion is the way to go. Although it is a touchy subject, it is also a very real subject for today's youth. The show has dealt with sexuality, rape, cutting, child abuse, death and drug abuse, among other topics.

Pregnancy, abortion and the side effects of both, only seem like the next step for the show. With this petetion, we hope to show The N, that there is a need to show these ommited episodes.

We hereby protest the ommission of two episodes of the new season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. The two episodes in question are those in which Manny realizes she is pregnant and decides to have an abortion. We feel that it is issues such as these that makes Degrassi such a monumental television program. Cutting these two episodes from airing belittles the program and we feel that the issues at hand are real, and important for todays youth to be exposed to, despite their controversiality. With this petition we are asking that you reconsider your choice to not air the episodes this summer.

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