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1. Pregnant Girls deserves second chance
Tanzanian president John Magufuli has said that under his presidency schoolgirls who become mothers will not be allowed to go back to school after giving birth.

In Tanzania, at least 8,000 girls drop out of school every year due to pregnancy, according to a Human Rights Watch Report.

2. Missing Angels Bill

Every parent deserves for their child's birth to be recognized and legitimized.

There are 34 states in our country that legitimazes the birth of a baby whether live or still, Delaware does not.

Every baby born deserves a birth certificate, something that says they existed in this world. Without a certificate of birth it means that legally the baby never existed.. when that cannot be furtherest from the truth. A baby that passes away leaves the biggest foot print on one's heart and leaves the largest impact on one's life.

Please sign this petition to change this and to give peace to grieving parents and families around our state.

3. We want Regina Osamrumaese and her family to get Icelandic citizenship!

Pregnant Regina Osamrumaese and her family are on the verge of being deported from Iceland where they have come to seek refuge and have already lived here for several years now. Regina and Eugene are parents to two children and Regina is entering her second trimester with her third child.

Both her children were born via C-section and it could be a matter of life and death if she does not get medical assistance in this birth as well, which she may not get if she gets deported.

She has struggled her whole life, from fleeing inhumane circumstances as a child in Nigeria to being homeless in Italy. Now she and her family have a home here in Iceland, they have settled down here, the children go to kindergarten and school and speak Icelandic. This is the life they know. To turn them away and send them out of the country would not only be cruel but a blatant violation of human rights.

They deserve safety. They deserve a home. They deserve to live long happy, healthy lives. They are victims of circumstance but fully equipped to make a life for themselves if only given the chance to.

Let's help them achieve that! All we need is your signature. Such a small thing but yet so powerful.

Let's not stand by and watch their lives ruined once again. Let's help this family because we can and we should.

4. Return my Pitbulls: Barking should not be a crime punishable by death!

The state has taken my dogs! When we first moved to the city, my country dogs [a pitbull and a catahoula] had a little trouble learning where their yard was and how far they could go.

They got out of the yard twice, so we built the fence higher. We have had no problems until one day the door latch broke off and the dogs got out again. I called animal control immediately but animal control found them barking at guys at a construction site. They said the guys had to flee for shelter. Yes, they ARE scary when they bark but my dogs would never bite anyone!

The state served me with a warrant for the dogs and has them on hold until I appeal this decision and take it to court! I have the vet, the neighbors, and the lady at the local rescue who has been in my home 30+ times, to all vouch for them.

My dogs were only off the leash, they didn't attack and should not be treated as such!

5. Don't scrap Act protecting pregnant women and babies in the UK

Without consulting its members, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) is supporting a campaign recently launched by BPAS to totally remove abortion from criminal law.

At present, there are 180,000 legal abortions a year in the UK. BPAS is now calling for ‘the Victorian-era legislation that criminalizes abortion to be scrapped’ (see RCM’s website at That is, they are calling for abortions which are at present illegal to be made legal.

If this law is scrapped, it is not clear how people traffickers, violent partners, those who sell abortion pills online and anyone else who either coerces a woman into an illegal abortion or convinces her to take harmful illegally-produced drugs while she is in a vulnerable state can be prosecuted.

6. Save Meriam Ibrahim, Don't Hang her to Death for Her Faith

Meriam Ibrahim is 8-months pregnant and is a Christian woman sentenced to hang to death in Sudan for rejecting Islam. She is being shackled by Sudanese officials despite the fact she is eight-months pregnant.

(MAY 27 UPDATE: Meriam has since given birth to a baby girl named Maya.)

She will be tortured - beaten with 100 lashes for marrying an American Christian. Then she will be hanged for being a Christian. Meanwhile, her son, a 20-month-old boy and American citizen, is also jailed with her and is sick from the prison conditions.


Ibrahim’s husband, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, said lawyers representing her told Amnesty International that religious clerics in court had asked her if she would recant her faith, but she told them: “I am a Christian.”

The death sentence issued to a pregnant woman who refused to renounce Christianity for Islam in Sudan is an “egregious violation of basic human rights,” Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04), Chairman of the House congressional panel that oversees U.S. policy in Africa, said previously.

“This is an affront to religious freedom everywhere,” Smith said. “The refusal of the government of Sudan to allow religious freedom was one of the reasons for Sudan’s long civil war. The U.S. and the rest of the international community must demand Sudan reverse this sentence immediately.”

7. Save Mariam Yahya Ibrahim and her Unborn Baby

Marium Yahya Ibrahim, 27 has been sentenced to be hanged in Sudan for not returning to Islam. She is 8 months pregnant and has been caring for her 20 month old son who is with her in detention.

She was also charged with "adultery" for marrying a Christian man, for which she will receive 100 lashes.

Please help overturn the ruling on appeal.

8. Change message, Change direction

A commerical was released by which included laughter, hand clapping, and an array of playful teens. At the end of the video the message 'I love my life, I don't want to mess it up with a pregnancy' was voiced by a young girl. tells us that their purpose is 'to encourage you to enjoy your teen years and avoid the responsibilities that come with too early pregnancy and parenting' and that 'we're not telling you how to live your life... we just want to give you some food for thought' (

Though their creation is said to be based on righteousness, the facts and statements that follow prove negatively otherwise.

Facts like 'Parenthood is the leading reason why teen girls drop out of school' (1) and 'Children of teen mothers do worse in school' (2) are accompanied by partial statements like 'Be honest- There are a million things you'd rather be doing than changing a diaper, right' (1,2,3,

Examples of teen parent life are not given in factual documentary videos but portrayed by clips from 'The Secret Life of The American Teenager' and '16 & Pregnant'. Both are major television series' each heavily produced and one openly scripted.

The combination of improper/biased examples with harsh facts creates an illusion for the reader, mentally assuming that nothing good comes from a teen pregnancy. And with the title 'StayTeen', we can only assume that after a teen pregnancy, you are no longer a teen; that you are no longer a teenager.

This message is all wrong, and needs to be adjusted truthfully. A pregnancy does not mess up a life, the actions surrounding the pregnancy may ''mess up'' a life, but it is not the pregnancy itself that has ''messed up'' a teen life; nor discontinued the title 'teenager' from a person.

9. MTV should stop airing Teen Mom

Teen Mom is a reality television show that follows mothers to be and already mothers who are at a young age.

Teen Mom makes being pregnant look okay as a teenager and it's not good for the people or for the women to have that mentality.

10. Bowen Continuity of Care Petition

- during pregnancy (antenatal care)
- during labour and birth (intrapartum care)
- after birth of your baby (postnatal care)

Seeing the same caregiver or small group of caregivers throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and afterwards is called continuity of care.

Midwifery continuity models are popular with women, provide improved birth and satisfaction outcomes, are cost-effective and are common overseas. For these reasons Australian governments are committed to increasing women's access to these models as outlined in the National Maternity Services Plan and actioned by the Queensland Government with the commitment to provide 10% of public birth care in these models. Continuity models also have advantages in the development and retention of a skilled workforce which is responsive to day-to-day demand.

These models provide each woman with care from a known midwife/s, usually to 6 weeks postpartum. To meet the needs of women and be sustainable for midwives, continuity models are innovative and flexible in relation to place of care in widwives' working arrangements. Women with any level of complexity of care, and midwives consult and refer to guidelines and clinical need.

11. Review the IVF Selection Criteria and make it Fairer

In June 2011 Criteria changed for IVF. Anyone who has been in a relationship for less than three years, is not allowed to have NHS Funded IVF.

We need you help to change it back.

12. Ban Pamper's Products

Ban Pampers Products.
Pampers/Proctor & Gamble has started a controversial ad campaign promoting tetanus shots through Unicef. They are donating .05 cents from the sale of their diapers and wipes, with a *Target* of giving 45 millions neonatal tetanus shots to pregnant women, mostly in poor, underdeveloped countries.

Tetanus shots are dangerous, and the adjuvants in them are known to cross the placenta and brain barriers. It is my intention for P&G to stop this damaging campaign that may contribute to harming pregnant women, with these controversial shots, as well as the potential to harm their unborn babies, with birth defects, spontaneous abortions, and possible stealth ingredients to sterilize, hidden in these tetanus shots. That has happened in the past and is well documented!
NOTE: More men than women contract tetanus. And if consenting adults want to get a normal tetanus shot, at least let the pregnant women give birth before offering these free vaccines. Free is a shoddy way to Mandate global vaccinations!. Uninformed is not truthful consent.
Give them the opportunity to know and understand the Full Information/insert label warnings, cautions, side effects etc., in order for them to make that "Informed" Choice and decision

Proctor & Gamble does not apprear to be overly concerned about popular opinion with this current and controversial vaccine ad campaign, as per their nebulous response to me that they feel they are doing a good thing. Their timing with this campaign is not good, giving the growing concern about vaccine dangers, efficacy, injuries, autism and deaths. In their continued progression of this campaign, with what they say is their interest in saving women and babies, they may well be doing their part in contributing to harming and killing 45 million pregnant women and/or their unborn children.
Unicef's other various vaccine programs, may contribute to harming millions more.

It is the feeling of this petitioner that P&G could be spending those donations in a more positive, purposeful light. That being: donations to research for autism spectrum, vaccine dangers/injury awareness, and information about rights NOT to vaccinate. Or to give these pregnant women, food, vitamens, better water sources and sanitation, as well as prenatal care.
At the very least, give THEM diapers and wipes, NOT Vaccines!
Vaccines are an iffy science, with little proof that they protect against any disease. With vaccines components given unnaturally thru vaccines, the studies are poor in understanding damages that can occur. and the adjuvants in them that can cause adverse reactions, especially in infants, such as encephalitis, seizures, serious site infections and other life-long neurological and autoimmune diseases, not to mention the high incidents of vaccine-induced infant mortality.

The tetanus vaccine is no more effective than any of the others. It also is counterproductive. It will INCREASE, Not Decrease the risk of tetanus, and many people actually get tetanus from the vaccines. Read Link.

Tetus Shot adjuvant: What is in a Tetanus vaccine?
Read Link.

What Unicef is giving is called Neonatal tetanus vaccines. They are not even the standard tetanus shot one gets after stepping on a rusty nail. More info on these.

*So SIGN this petition Today, to help stop this horrific Pampers promotion, and by Banning Pamper's sale of diapers and wipes, and other products.
Below is the link to Protor & Gamble's currant Ad promo running in the media. It offers a Thermometer that tells how these sales are growing, per million.
Tell everyone you know to stop buying Pampers as well. Pass this petition along to any interested Groups you link with. Would like for this to become a very Big anti-promotion campaign.
Proctor & Gamble needs to hear from all of us. Leave your comments if you care to. We need to make a difference NOW, before these 45 million tetanus shots start to be dispersed. Thank YOU!

NOTE: this is not a Debate about vaccines or anything else. If you agree with this petition, Sign IT.
If not, Dont sign and leave negative comments.

13. IVF coverage in Alberta

If you have children, imagine your life without them....

Imagine you have always wanted children and then are told one day you can't conceive. Then imagine, they say you CAN have a child. Your own, there is a way. BUT..... they only way to make this happen is to PAY. Imagine you don't have that kind of money.

Now what do you do? SUFFER, because our government doesn't care and will not help you. You can always adopt but that costs 20,000 and up and the waiting list is usually 2 yrs or more.

Approximately 13% of Canadian couples experience infertility and are not able to conceive a child.

IVF is a medical procedure that allows fertilization to be done outside of the body. It has been carried out since 1978 to help couples have children. OHIP coverage for IVF will be extended to those Ontario residents with documented evidence of completely blocked fallopian tubes. Such coverage provides for a maximum of three complete IVF treatment cycles in a lifetime, At about $7000 each.

Do you know.. The BC government will PAY FOR YOU TO GET A SEX CHANGE. Thousand of dollars too.... But if you are infertile and want to have a baby and live in ALBERTA you are out of luck, unless you have an extra $10,000 lying around. You have to be an Ontario resident to have this covered by health care. It is absurd that the government will spend millions of dollars on cloning research, but will not actually help people with a MEDICALLY DIAGNOSED problem so they can start a family of their own. We did not plan to become infertile, just like you dont plan to get in a car accident, or fall off a ladder at work but those things are covered.

Please sign the petition and help so many women that are in desperate need of funding to have a chance at experiencing motherhood. What we are here to do naturally.

14. Stop Crime in South Africa

July 14, 2006

5,000 people were killed on Sept 11, 2001 in America and the world "is at war".

21,000 people were murdered in South Africa last year, and rest of the world turns a blind eye!

An 8 month-old baby girl was raped to death by 5 men in Cape Town, South Africa, as they thought it would "cure their Aids".

A 24 year-old pregnant woman was repeatedly raped in her home in Birch Acres, Kempton Park, South Africa on Monday, January 08, 01.

A five-month pregnant woman, her husband and their five-year-old daughter were relaxing at home when four unknown men entered the house. The husband (32) was tied up and held at gunpoint while the suspects raped his wife in the dining room. The suspects then ransacked the house and took electrical appliances, household goods and clothing valued at about R20000.

No arrests have been made. The gruesome list goes on and on . . .
For once, this is a worthwhile message to pass on - for my friend Jeremy Sutton who was murdered, leaving his 8-month pregnant wife, Trish, behind - and for all others who have been touched by crime.

If Gary Teichmann can sign this so can all of us. One Sunday Times front page headlines stated:

Toddler sodomised to death. 2-year-old girl sodomised so brutally, her wounds shocked doctors. Her anus and rectum were so severely injured that medical staff could literally see 3cm inside her body. The rapist walks free after police corrupted her file.

Dear Friends Chris Duncan here. I know a lot of you have received petitions like this before and many more like it.
I also know that there is a serious problem in South Africa. I know a lot of you don't feel that there is much of a problem and refuse to be part of petitions to stop murder. I ask you now, please: If you refuse to do a simple thing like placing a name to a list in an attempt to bring it to the attention of your leaders, what are you doing that the rest of us don't know about to stop it?

Even if it's to clear your conscience so that in a small way you can say you did something, it is worth it.
What would it take for you to suddenly spring into action?

Should your child, wife or husband need to be killed first?
Please think about it and think perhaps it can help instead of "what good will it do?"

Following the latest child killings in Cape Town, I hope Cape Tonians and South Africans in general are prepared to take a stand to stop all this crime. For our son Peter Marks who was brutally beaten to death leaving a young wife and son of eight months and devastated family behind and for all others who have been touched by crime.

15. Illegal drugs and Unborn Children in Missouri

To spread awareness of the increasing problem of children born to drug addicts. These children suffer numerous birth defects and the possibility of death.

I wish to send this signed petition to our state representatives so women who use illegal drugs while pregnant will be charged with a felony.

16. Give pregnant women an end year bonus.

A mother moved the world with her left arm and the crib in her right. Pregnant women have the right to receive a bonus.

17. Degrassi: the abortion episodes

The N, the cable network here in the United States which airs the Canadian television show Degrassi:Then Next Generation, is refusing to air the first two episodes of the new season. Due to the nature of the episodes, in which Manny, 15, becomes pregnant with Craig's, 16, baby and decides that abortion is the way to go. Although it is a touchy subject, it is also a very real subject for today's youth. The show has dealt with sexuality, rape, cutting, child abuse, death and drug abuse, among other topics.

Pregnancy, abortion and the side effects of both, only seem like the next step for the show. With this petetion, we hope to show The N, that there is a need to show these ommited episodes.

18. Morning-After-Pill Policy for Purdue University

If a woman has had sexual intercourse and fears she may be pregnant, she can take the morning-after pill. If she is pregnant when she takes this high dosage pill, it can act to kill her pre-born child - a living being. Although no testing has been done to confirm the safety of these high dosages, the FDA has approved this use. Purdue currently makes these pills available to students on request.