Highschool graduates and their parents
United States of America

In 1952 the U.S passed a law called "The Universal Military Training and Service Act". This required males between 18-26 to to register for the military. Later congress passed the "Reserve Forces Act" making those who enlist required to an 8 year commitment. During the Vietnam War 18 year olds, fresh out of high school, were shipped off, against their own volition, to fight and die half way across the world because of our imperialist actions. This was abhorrent to begin with but then requiring young people with their whole life ahead of them, who weren't ready to die, to be conscripted to fight for a cause many of them didn't even fully understand is inhuman. Those who valued their lives and chose to hide were often incarcerated and shipped off directly to the front lines. The remnants of this is still around today where young men are still required to register. Right now we are a full volunteer army but if another war like that happens again, they could be forced to the front lines to die against their will.
This petition is a fight against those who would make us fight and die against our will. Repeal this mandate for the sake of our lives and for the sake of our freedom of choice.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S government to repeal The Universal Military Training and Service Act.

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