#Human Rights
Ignorant people
Hermosa Beach

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, the words of President Roosevelt still outshine those of cowards and ignorant people such as the person or persons who penned the petition --

Stop Hermosa Beach from Becoming a Haven to the Homeless posted on March 06, 2009.

In the petition, the author(s) claims homeless people being drug users is a reason to enact laws to discriminate against the poor.

This is a comment from a person with no financial intelligence. The speculation that homeless people are drug users is mere fear motivated speculation.

Unlikely to be true since illegal drugs or legal drugs are produced by business minded people and organizations like pharmaceticul companies and so called drug lords. This interest in profit leads them to court customers of an income over $1200 every four months (my own income of late). The more likely consumers of these products are the homeowners in the community, and if people are to be removed from the community for being drug users, the city should survey all individuals for taking viagra, cialis, anti-depressants, cocaine, heroine, alcohol, and designer marijuana regardless of how much they spend on sandals, volleyballs, or homes.

Being homeless exposes you to the ignorance and inexperience of police forces and the most ignorant I have met were not in Hermosa, but Palo Alto, and Redondo, where I was threatened by a police officer until I allowed him to search my car. He said he did not believe in the 4th amendment. A pleasant thought, law enforcers who act according to their interpretations of the constitution. Keeping the low level of intelligence that most law enforcers have and the narrow life experience of the people that our country recruits, homeless people, often, the prey of choice for the ignorant, tend to avoid giving any excuse to police officers, also known as people with guns, to suspect them of any illegal behavior. This is an alternative response to terror than the Bush administrations.

These two reasons, a homeless persons exposure to gun toting police and their poverty, narrow the likelihood that any of them use half as many drugs as the homeowners in the community, and those that do are probably in need of time indoors for readjustment to that lifestyle, charity, kindness, and counseling.

So why did the author suggest this possibility? Either ignorance, fear or profit motive. I have never seen so many people so easily threatened by appearances. I have long hair and a beard and those two choices grant me power to silence most people on the sidewalks and streets of Hermosa Beach. I also have a sense of humor which gives me power to make those same people laugh and this is what I prefer.

Lastly, this is for the sake of the hermosa beach community, an ignorant public is easy to endanger with mind control. Don't except my opinions or those of the other person. Educate yourself, meet a homeless person, meet twenty. Inquire about their interests, passions, upbringing. Go home and think about who you know best in your life and how long it took you to know that person, then, go and meet the homeless person or hopefully by now you see her or him, young or old as a person with a name. Find a common interest and exploit it. Now you have a friend, and who needs greed when you have friends, right?

A person may be incurably psychotic and yet retain the dignity of a human being. Victor Frankl wrote this after his time as a detainee in a German concentration camp. It seems absurd to exclude the possibility for those not from Hermosa Beach or without six figure incomes.

Or if you prefer ABBA, take a chance on me. And travel outside your neighborhood, please!!!

The awful daring of a moment's surrender... no age of prudence can ever retract -- T.S. Eliot Be daring people of Hermosa Beach and remain kind (I met a lot of great people while I was there!).

We the undersigned oppose the greed and fear motivated petition -- Stop Hermosa Beach from Becoming a Haven for the Homeless posted on March Sixth of 2009.

We believe in connecting with people whatever their background as E.M. Forster pleaded and do not limit ourselves from approaching someone with a different hairstyle or someoone in plain need of our generosity whether it be monetary or the great gift of our own personality. By signing this petition, we condemn the low value of life offered by the authors of the aforementioned petition and hope they will gain an awareness of the world wider than a dollar bill.

We oppose exaggeration of facts and choose to err on the side of grace rather than caution. We promote a community that will support our children whatever future choices they make and whatever the circumstances they find themselves in. We agree that even ourselves at some point may endure life outdoors and seek a public that is sympathetic and empathetic rather than ignorant, greedy and afraid.

We are proud enough to include our names and addresses to let people know what type of community we want.

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