Canada War Veterans

Our father is a War Vet with the first WWW2, Merchant Marine, Korean War and a Indian.Our father did not receive compensation as a merchant marine or as an Indian during his duty to Canada.Our father died in 1992 so when the money came along he had passed away.Our mother did not receive any benifits either. We are asking the people of Canada to help us in obtaining funds under these measures.

We are hoping that the money that was given to merchant marine and the the money given to a native who was in the war but never recognized will be given to his children.If our mother was alive at the time the money was given out she would have received it for the merchant marines. We understand that had our father was alive he would have received compensation for being an Indian during the war as well. All we want is compensation that is owed to our family as it was not easy growing up in poverty an living off the reserve.
We hope that the people of Canada will help us in this endeavour.

Thank You
The Children of
Private Gerald Harquail

By signing, please help us in getting the funds that are owed to our father who is a WWW2 Vet, Merchant Marine and an Indian.

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