#Human Rights

I have seen so many videos on Facebook that are most disturbing and upsetting. Videos that are reported are not always taken seriously and should be. Clicking 'I don't want to see this' does not stop the abuse that is happening to the children in the videos.

I call upon you all to take a few minutes to sign this petition. As most of you are aware there are countless child abuse videos circling Facebook and even though they are reported and maybe removed that doesn't prevent the child in the video from suffering any further abuse.

I read the newspapers all the time and have never read of any article involving Facebook organisers forwarding videos to the police in order to investigate the abuse and hopefully track down the person or persons responsible.

I do believe that all videos or photographs that are reported to Facebook with regards to child abuse should be taken seriously and that Facebook organisers should make it their duty to report these videos as well to the police. I hope that you agree as well.

If you do agree please sign this petition. Let's make sure that the videos that are reported to Facebook and then forwarded to the police are enough to track down the offenders and get justice for the innocent children.

Thank you.

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