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1. Empire of the Sun as Australia's rep for Eurovision 2017!

Empire of the Sun should be Australias next representation for Eurovision 2017.

- They're a bizarre and alternate band that would fit with the style of Eurovision
- They've had success in Europe in the past.
- They have awesome and crazy costumes.

2. Troye Sivan for Eurovision 2017

Let's get Troye Sivan to sing for Australia at Eurovision 2017!

3. Against Eurovision 2016 Exclusion of the Flag of the State of Palestine

The Eurovision 2016 Contest Organizers have decided to ban the Flag of the State of Palestine from the contest. Palestine is recognized by over 138 countries in the world and is an active member in the United Nations General Assembly and other organizations.

Palestine is even recognized by the Kingdom of Sweden in which the scheduled Eurovision Contest is set to take place.

The art and music should remain independent from any political influence and all nations should, morally, be afforded with the opportunity to participate and be part of the global art and entertainment scene.

In this case, we suggest that the event organizers have bowed to the demands of Israel and passed the ban in service to the Israeli political agenda. We are opposed to that.

4. Tina Arena as Australia's next Eurovision contestant

With Australia once again being able to compete in Eurovision, we need someone with strong ability.

Tina Arena has been in the business almost all of her life. She was recently inducted into the ARIA hall of fame.

Tina sings in different languages as well. She is known outside of Australia as a voice worthy of praise. Tina has shown versatility of genres as well.

I think Tina Arena would be the best choice to represent Australia in the next Eurovsion!

5. Stop unfair jury voting in Eurovision

We want a free contest where the public decides the winning song and not just a few juries.

6. Harrison Craig 4 Eurovision AU

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest celebrates its 60th anniversary. To give the anniversary celebrations an extra dimension and to walk the talk on this year’s theme Building Bridges, the EBU and host broadcaster ORF invited Australia to compete in the Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

We are petitioning SBS to send Harrison Craig to represent Australia as he IS the Voice of Australia. Here is a little background information on Harrison.

Harrison, born the 7th of September 1994 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, had to overcome challenges that would stop many people in their tracks, but growing up without his father, and becoming the man of the house at a young age has in his words, “made me the person I am today, and I am grateful for that.”

On top of rising above family responsibilities, Harrison had to deal with a severe stutter, which he has had since he began to talk. This courageous artist began to feel peace when he realized he could sing without stuttering. Singing has always been a place of contentment for Harrison, and it’s no wonder he dedicated himself to crafting and developing his now distinct and incredible voice in his own unique style he calls "popra".

In true testament to his character, his defining quote from his time on The Voice AU was related to his discussion with Coach Seal regarding his original song, ‘More Than A Dream’. Harrison said, “No matter whether you grew up without a father, you were bullied at school, or you can’t speak, you never stop.”

Harrison’s vocal development began when he joined the Victorian Boys Choir in 2005, he soon thereafter became a vocal lead in Garage Band High (comprised of some of the most talented teenage musicians in Australia), and with the help of his private singing instructor, David Jaanz, he continued to refine his vocal ability until he was ready to debut it for the world in 2013 on The Voice Australia. Of his experience on The Voice and his future, Harrison said, “I feel like I am coming home. It’s going to be amazing.”

7. Get Eurovision Song Contests 2006-2010 released on Blu-ray

The Eurovision Song Contests have been recorded in high definition every year since 2006. However, it was not until 2011 that the first Eurovision Song Contest was released on Blu-ray.

While it is likely that future contests will also be released on Blu-ray, they have not yet, and do not currently plan to release the contests made before 2011 on Blu-ray.

This petition asks for the 2006-2010 contests (those recorded in high definition) to be released on Blu-ray in high definition, like the 2011 contest has been.

8. Ask the EBU/NRK to record the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in the 1080p50 format

Since 2007 the Eurovision Song Contest has been recorded and broadcast in high definition (the 2006 contest might also have been recorded in high definition but only broadcast in SD).

The contests recorded in HD have so far been in the 1080i/25 format. While this is a high quality format, it is not as good a format as the 1080p50 format that the EBU recommend for production and broadcasting.

Recording this event in the high quality 1080p50 format would overcome the limitations of the 1080i/25 format (resolution, interlace artefacts, etc.), while future-proofing the production and will look the best on today's full HDTVs, and as the EBU have said, broadcasts in the 1080p50 format would not require higher bitrates than those in the 1080i/25 format.

Recording this major event (the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest) in 1080p50 would not only mean the event was recorded in one of the highest quality TV formats currently available, and making the production more future-proof, it should also help to encourage other broadcasters (EBU members) to start producing/broadcasting in this high quality, EBU-recommended format.

The following EBU document discusses the 1080p50 format and details it's advantages (including higher quality) over other TV formats used for European productions:

In the following article entitled "Act Now for 1080p50", the project manager of the EBU also states the advantages of the format:

9. Yes to Eurovision Channel

After 55 years passing in TV, it's time for Eurovision to have its own TV channel! The family Eurovision consists of 6 shows: Eurovision Song Contest; Eurovision Dance Contest; Junior Eurovision Song Contest; Eurovision Talent Contest; Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Young Musicians.

The channel could pass past shows, interviews, video clips, news, live shows (of the 6 contests and national selection shows), etc... It would be good to have a Eurovision Channel, spread all over the world! So, sing this petition, and lets get an Eurovision Channel!

10. Get The EBU / CMC Entertainment A/S to release recent Eurovision Song Contests on Blu-ray

Since 2007 the Eurovision Song Contests have been both recorded and broadcast in high definition. Some sources state that the 2006 contest was also recorded in high definition, though it was only broadcast in standard definition. The contests have, though, only ever been available to buy on standard definition DVD (unfortunately, only the 2004 contest onwards) and CD.

I think that the recent contests (all those recorded in high definition) should be released on Blu-ray in high definition (1080/50i) like the broadcasts, particularly since the vast majority of TVs on sale in Europe are either HD-ready or Full HD, with many European consumers owning HDTVs.

I also think the earlier contests should be made available on Blu-ray too. Even the ones recorded in standard definition, since this will:-

A) Allow for better picture and sound quality, since Blu-ray can use much higher bitrates than DVD. They can also be encoded up-scaled to again increase the quality (by storing the SD contests up-scaled, more colour samples and smaller macroblocks can also be used, leading to better PQ) when viewed on modern HDTVs.

B) It will allow multiple contests shot in standard definition to be put onto one Blu-ray disc instead of lots of DVDs.

C) It will allow for use of extra features that Blu-ray supports that DVD doesn't. eg. It will allow for stored playlists of songs for a particular contest or playlists that span multiple contests.

11. Bring back Junior Eurovision to U.K. Television

Since 2004 we have not entered a contest, which is a young version of the esc, and after the recent proof that we can do well in the contest, maybe we should bring the contest back, even if we do not compete in it, as we missed the win of last year for Georgia with the song bzz.

12. Get The EBU To Release Past Eurovision Song Contests on DVD

The EBU started to release the Eurovision Song Contest on DVD in 2004, however before then there is 50 years worth of Eurovision lost in the past, and are now only visible in glimpses on 'Eurovision Congratulations', in some documentaries or online.

I want to bring them back by getting the EBU to release them on DVD! We have already seen a massive audience for the event and so they will obviously prove to be successful.

13. Italy to participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Anche l'Italia all'Eurofestival 2010! Dal 1997, la RAI ha deciso di non partecipare più a questa competizione canora europea, nata nel 1956 e che ha visto tra i fondatori proprio l'Italia; tuttavia tale rassegna è considerata un evento importantissimo in tutti gli altri paesi europei, al punto che nelle ultime edizioni si è arrivati ad avere ben 43 paesi partecipanti, ed è un peccato che l'Italia non debba partecipare; se però firmiamo in tanti, può darsi che per il 2010 ci saremo anche noi!!!

14. Bring the juries back to Eurovision!

Today, on Bulgarian television, the results of the Bulgarian jury votes were announced.

8 points would have gone to United Kingdom, 10 points would have gone to Sweden and 12 points would have gone to Ukraine. San Marino, who used a jury, gave 8 points to Armenia, 10 points to Israel, 12 points to Greece. These two examples are balanced, fair, unbiased voting.

In the end, Russia won the contest, and Bulgaria 12 points to Germany due to one of the singers of the band being a judge on Bulgarian reality TV show 'Music Idol'.

Russia won because it had an Olympic ice skater on stage, Timbaland produced the song (and the commentators made a big deal of this) and eight voting countries bordering it. The song was decent, but there were better songs. In its semifinal, Russia came third due to half the amount of neighbouring countries voting.

15. Get a New Scooch Single/Album

Scooch are a pop/dance band who have had success on the UK Single Charts and represented the UK at Eurovision 2007.

But at the moment they are not releasing any more songs so this is to convince them that fans do want new songs from them.

16. Bring back 'Jeux Sans Frontieres'!

****WOW! Almost 15,000 signatures!! Thanks everybody and keep it up!!*****

EBU, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has cancelled the much-awaited return of Jeux Sans Frontières - the brilliant game show that for 35 years brought together young people from all over Europe.

We are calling on all European citizens to help lobby EBU for the return of JSF.

Please sign this petition, which will be delivered to EBU's Director of Television and to national broadcasters.

Jeux Sans Frontières was a perfect example of both popular and quality programming, which is becoming rarer in an era of cultural dumbing down, reality TV and cheap song contests.

JSF was one of the most popular programmes across the continent - one of a very few examples of truly contemporary European culture, and a great way to build a common identity, exchange experiences and learn about the places and cultures of Europe. In fact, from 1965 to 1999, generation after generation of Europeans grew up with 'the Games'.

JSF was a great chance for European youths to take part in creative, imaginative and stimulating games, while showcasing beautiful villages, towns and cities from participating countries.

In short, JSF meets all three criteria of good Public Service Broadcasting: it informs, educates and entertains.

After a lot of pressure from fans across Europe, broadcasters decided to launch a new series of JSF in 2007; only to cancel it at the last moment due to "financial difficulties". It's true that JSF is an expensive programme to produce. Still, broadcasters waste millions of euros every year on programmes of much lesser quality and indeed popularity.

Let's show EBU and its members, i.e. the national public service broadcasters (such as BBC, TF1, RAI, ERT) - which by the way are funded by us - that European audiences want Jeux Sans Frontières back.

Please sign this petition.

****WOW! Almost 15,000 signatures!! Thanks everybody and keep it up!!*****

17. Eurovision Songcontest 2007 back-up juries results

The European Broadcasting Union denies that political, diaspora and neighbour voting have an influence on the results of the Eurovision Songcontest.

They even say that the results of the back-up juries are simular to those of the televoting.

18. Say YES to BBC America showing The Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the longest running television programs in the world and last year celebrated its 50th anniversary. Nations from across Europe take part in the competition to find the best song each year and 2004 saw the introduction of a semi-final in order to cope with the increased number of entries.

In addition to being one of the longest running shows on television it is also one of the most watched and the introduction of an internet broadcast in 2006 boosted the already high viewing figures. However, although the show is available online this broadcast does not include the very British perspective of Terry Wogan’s commentary on the competition.

It is our belief that BBC America should show Eurovision in the format aired on the BBC in the UK to give insight into the competition to American Anglophiles and music fans, as well as providing the opportunity for British Ex-Pats to enjoy a well-loved spectacle.

19. Tina Cousins to UK Final for Eurovision

June 23, 2006

Enter Tina Cousins into the 2007 Making Your Mind Up.

20. Eurovision Boardgame

December 11, 2005

I have been involved in the development of a truly exciting board game all about the Eurovision Song Contest. To get it into production and on retail shelves around the world I really need your support.

I have launched a website about the boardgame to capture data from interested people to see if there is enough demand for the product. If there is, hoorah, it'll be in production as soon as possible, so if you think you would be interested in playing and or buying an official Eurovision boargame then visit and express your interest and then email all your friends and family and ask them to do the same but to only register if they really want to play or buy the game.

The EBU official marketing agency are supporting the game and will grant us licence to produce it we can demonstrate there is a demand.

Thanks for your support.

21. ITALY to participate again in Eurovision Song Contest

15 novembre 2005

L'Italia per l'Eurovisione 2006!

Eurovision Song Contest is one of the oldest still running international songcontests in the world. Italy has been the winner twice; 1964 and 1990 and offered musiclovers around the world several evergreens like " Ciao ciao bambina" " Al di la", "si","Volare" and so on.

Eurovision goes strong ever today and we want ITALY to participate again.