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1. Google Censored Sounds of Silence

Google censored Islamic atrocities in an article to keep Americans ignorant of discontent and terror committed by extremist Muslims around the globe.
Google has censored the Simon and Garfunkel song, Sounds of Silence provided in the press release, "Need for an Islamic Reformation." It was placed on the Internet via the link below:

Google provided the following rationale to censor Sounds of Silence:

***This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on violent or graphic content.***

This action by Google violates the First Amendment of free speech by silencing the public outcry against abominations and terror committed by Islamic terrorists. Removal of the YouTube video was an attempt by Google to suppress the truth of Islamic atrocities, which keeps Americans ignorant of the truth of Islamic bigotry, hatred, and violence.

2. STOP censoring post mastectomy pictures on Facebook

Dear Facebook,

On March 9th, 2017 my Facebook profile was permanently shut down, because I had posted "Pornographic content". You told me I could object and explain by email what and why I had posted what I posted. I told you then, and I will tell you again (since you obviously did not read what I wrote, maybe I should use easier terms);

In December of 2014 I found out I am a carrier of the cancer causing gene BRCA1. This means I have a REALLY high risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. You can not understand what this is like, unless you are in the same position. This is why there are different PRIVATE groups on Facebook for woman like me. We are not just members of a group, we are a what we call a "Sisterhood". We help each other, lift each other up AND share pictures of ourselves during our process. Needless to say these pictures are of wounds, scars and many more medical shit, but also of our new nipples and tattoos.
These tattoos are not just for fun, they are the last step in a long process that is marked by pain, fear, hospitals and many many tears. A process in which your body stops being yours for too long.

When I got my new nipples on March 9, 2017 I cried happy tears. I could NOT wait to share pictures with my sisters. Many sisters who have already been there, and many sister for whom this is yet to come. To whom this is an image of hope.
Yet, as soon as I posted a picture in two of these PRIVATE groups, in the comment section of the original post, I was BLOCKED. And not just a 24 hour block, but permanently.

You can say "oh it's just facebook, make a new profile and you're back." Well yes, obviously. But that is not the point. You did not just shut down my private page. You shut down three business pages that had close to 1500 followers, you shut down my "friendship" with my sister, who passed away of ovarian cancer. You shut down every single message we ever sent to each other, every picture we shared and every moment we shared on our profiles. And most importantly, you shut down my birth given right to speak. You have censored me.

What stings most of all is the fact that according to yourself I "violated the guidelines of the Facebook community." The same guidelines that state you have to be thirteen years old to sign up. Do you know what happens when you are thirteen? You move from child to teenager. As a girl, you develop breasts, get your period and get wider hips. You are insecure about your body because it is changing so much. Yet this is the minimum age you are allowed into a online community that states that everything about the female body is absolutely disgusting. ESPECIALLY breasts. YUCK. But a movie that shows how a transgender woman is brutally beaten to death is just fine.

Yet if you search the internet, one of the first articles I found said as follows:

“We remove photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks,” the new policy reads. “We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but we always allow photos of women actively engaged in breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring.”

I don't know what is happening here, but you need to either review your guidelines, or consequently do what you say. Change your narrow minded ideas of sexuality. BREASTS ARE NOT PER DEFINITION SEXUAL.

3. Drop Charges Against Iranian Writer Reza Khandan Mahabadi For Facebook Posts

Authorities in Iran are prosecuting another writer on national security charges for signing statements and writing posts that criticized state censorship on the Facebook page of the Iranian Writers’ Association.

Reza Khandan Mahabadi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Writers’ Association, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that Intelligence Ministry agents who appeared at his home on April 29, 2015, had a search warrant for his home and a notice from the Tehran Media Court, in which he was accused of “propaganda against the state,” and “publishing an illegal publication.”

After a thorough search of the premises and Mr. Khandan’s personal belongings, some of his hand-written notes, archives, and books, and his cell phone and computer hard disk were confiscated. The agents told him he had to appear at the Intelligence Ministry for interrogations. Mr. Khandan subsequently attended three interrogation sessions. He is currently waiting for his court summons.

Another member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Writers’ Association, the poet Baktash Abtin, [Link:] received similar treatment.

“Most of the interrogations were about the Writers’ Association’s statements and Facebook page posts. They said these are examples of ‘propaganda against the state.’ The [Writers’] Association’s Facebook page is no longer accessible by its members, and we are unable to post content to it,” Reza Khandan told the Campaign.

“As one of the most important goals of the Association is to defend freedom of expression and to oppose censorship, whenever something happens where freedom of expression is questioned, the Association issues a statement in reaction. For example, when newspapers are banned, or when individuals are prosecuted and imprisoned for their different opinions. The interrogators determined such statements as examples of ‘propaganda against the state,'” he added.

Regarding his second charge, “publishing an illegal publication,” Reza Khandan told the Campaign, “‘Andisheh Azad’ is an internal publication with very limited circulation among members of the Association, and it has no public distribution. It was first published in 1979 and about 10 issues of it were published between 1979 and 1981, before it stopped publication. It resumed publication four years ago, and since then, only nine issues have been published. Now the interrogators say this internal publication which is intended for members only, is a manifestation of ‘an illegal publication.'”

“They told me to promise that the Association’s publication and statements will stop. But I don’t consider myself a criminal, and I don’t believe I have done anything wrong, therefore I didn’t promise. I said that I am a writer and I oppose censorship. But it appears that I would have faced lighter charges, or I would have been released had I made the promise. I don’t know,” he added.

“Why should a cultural and civil activity expose individuals and their families to such worry and hardship? What is the reason for such threats against cultural and civil activities? Every individual must be free to think and work however he/she wants within civil society’s frameworks,” Reza Khandan told the Campaign. “I was interrogated, my hand-written notes and archives that had taken me years to collect were all taken away and it is not clear whether they will be returned to me, and that if they are returned to me, whether it would be all the notes or only a part of them. Such behavior disrupts people’s lives and it is an example of persecution,” he added.

Reza Khandan Mahabadi, a writer and literary critic, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Iran Writers’ Association in September 2014, along with Hassan Asghari, Ali Ashraf Darvishian, Baktash Abtin, and Mehdi Ghebrai.

Baktash Abtin was also interrogated in April and May, and is now awaiting his trial date and summons to the Evin Prison Courts.

4. Free Iranian Net Citizen Nahid Gorji, Arrested For Social Media Activism

During the night of October 11, 2014 Nahid Gorji, a resident of Mashhad, Iran was arrested by security forces for being active in social media. She has been transferred to an unknown location.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the security forces went to Nahid Gorji’s house on Saturday, October 11 and after arresting her, investigated the house.

A close source to her told HRANA’s reporter, “The security forces entered the house after midnight in a very harsh manner and arrested Ms Nahid Gorji. After taking her away, they returned to the house and took some of her personal stuff like a personal computer, cell phone and even her camera”.

He continued, “She was taken to Koohsangi court on Sunday morning, but there is no information about the allegations or charges”.

Close sources to Ms. Nahid Gorji believe activities in social media like Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp are the reason for her arrest.

5. Free The OTHER Facebook 8: Eight More Young Iranians Sentenced To Harsh Prison Terms for Facebook Activism!

Eight young Iranians active on Facebook have been sentenced to a total of 127 years in prison by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court which found them guilty of acting against national security, propaganda against the state and insulting Islam and state officials, IRNA news agency reported.

This is a second recent case against Facebook users. The same court had handed down heavy sentences against another group of individuals for their activities on Facebook.
(SEE PETITION: Free The Facebook 8: Iranians Sentenced To A Total of 123 Years For Social Activism on Facebook: )

These individuals were administrators for several Facebook pages. They were arrested on warrants issued by the prosecutor last July.

The defendants in these cases have been charged with various charges, but they all have been charged with the assembly and collusion against national security and propaganda against the state charges.

The cases of these eight people were first reviewed at Shahid Moghadasi court located in Evin prison. Indictments were issued and sent for trial to Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Moghayeseh.

The defendants are from various cities in Iran, including Yazd, Shiraz, Abadan, Kerman and Tehran.

The trial of these defendants started on April 14, 2014 with the court issuing it’s verdict on April 29, 2014.

Two of the defendants were sentenced to 18 years plus 91 days, and 19 years plus 91 days, respectively, as well as a fine of 1.3 million tomans and 50 lashes.

The others were sentenced to twenty one, twenty, sixteen, fourteen, eleven and eight years of imprisonment.

The cases of these defendants have been appealed but the Appellate Court which will review their cases have not yet been designated.

6. Free Iranian Website Developer Mehdi Faryabi

As of January 8, 2014 it has been thirty six days since the arrest of Mehdi Faryabi, who works as a developer at KhorjinApp. His website server seems expired. He is one of sixteen Iranian IT specialists and net citizens arrested last month. They have been threatened with the "maximum punishment" for politically-motivated charges of anti-regime "subversion" and "collusion" with foreigners.

On December 4, 2013 the Revolutionary Guards arrested 16 cyber-activists. According to the Mehr News Agency (which has ties to the Revolutionary Guards), these 16 had "ties to foreigners" and "cooperated with anti-government websites."

Cooperation with Western news networks, designing and updating websites educating citizen reporters and cooperation with opposition websites are among the charges which the arrested activists are being accused with.

Previously, Iranian Narenji website reported that seven people got arrested - Ali Asghar Honarmand, Abbas Vahedi, Ali Reza Vaziri, Nasim Nikmehr, Maliheh Nakhai, Mohammad Hussein Mousazadeh and Sara Sajjadpour.

Narenji, which specialises in publishing tech news, reported that seven of its employees, including journalists and technical staff, had been arrested by the IRGC.

The statement was removed from the website later, and the website itself was unreachable for a short time after the article was put online. Narenji was set up six years ago by a group of bloggers.

Half of those arrested have since been released on bail, the Guardian has learned, but the rest, including Narenji's staff, remain in detention.

The head of Kerman's justice department, Ali Tavakoli, alleged this week that those arrested had participated in projects run by the BBC and received funds deriving from London.

Iranian authorities have a deep suspicion of the BBC, especially its Persian service, which they accuse of having a political agenda, and have previously arrested people on charges of working or having links with the broadcaster.

"This gang was running a number of projects and plans for anti-revolutionary Iranians based abroad, especially for the BBC Persian under the guise of legitimate activities," he said during a press conference.

"Financial aid for this group was usually provided from London under the pretext of charitable donations. The director of the team was an individual who has served the BBC as a mentor and teacher in a number of countries such as Malaysia, India and Afghanistan and his travels to these countries was paid for by British intelligence services."

Tavakoli said that those held had confessed to "being tasked with fuelling social tension, spreading doubts and misrepresentations". It was not clear if the eight still in jail had access to lawyers or to their families.

He said: "They were consciously serving the plots designed by the sworn enemies of this country and they deserve to receive the most severe punishment."

The Guardian reported last year that the Iranian authorities had been conducting a smear campaign designed to discredit and intimidate London-based Iranian journalists working for BBC Persian.

A number of BBC Persian staff were victims of false allegations of sexual misconduct, duplicated Facebook accounts, and harassment of their family members in Iran including being summoned by the intelligence officials for questioning. The harassments have continued despite the election of Hassan Rouhani as president.

At least one of the detainees was among the trainees of an award-winning journalism development programme run by the BBC World Service Trust from 2006 to 2010, called ZigZag.

The BBC has denied that those arrested were co-operating with it and said the training programmes mentioned by the Iranian authorities ended four years ago, according to BBC Persian.

Soon after their arrests were made in Kerman, the semi-official Fars news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards, said the detainees has be in "contact with enemy media based abroad with the aim of producing content for educational websites targeted at citizen-journalists".

Bloggers and activists currently in jail include Aliasghar Honarmand, who is the founder of Narenji, which specialises in gadget news, Abbas Vahedi, Hossein Nozari, Reza Nozari, Amir Sadeghpour, Mehdi Faryabi, Ehsan Paknejad and Malihe Nakhaei.

A former BBC project manager, who did not want to be named, told the Guardian: "I believe the arrests, especially of the Narenji team, to be part of the reaction of the hardliners within the Iranian establishment to the attempts of President Rouhani to move towards the opening up of cyberspace and the media sphere; and to relax the previous rigid attitude towards contacts with foreign institutions."

The arrests have also coincided with attempts by the BBC to obtain stronger operational presence in Iran.

"As the Revolutionary Guards are opposed in general to improved contacts with the west; and in particular to developing contacts with foreign media outlets, especially the BBC, it seems they have revived an old and discredited story in an attempt to undermine the president's initiatives in this sphere," said the former BBC staffer.

"Additionally, after what have been in the eyes of the hardliners, unacceptable concessions by the government on the nuclear agenda, this could be part of a campaign to show that foreign policy compromises will not be matched by any accompanying liberalisation in the domestic sphere."

7. Declaration of an Independent Internet

The Declaration of an Independent Internet
Drafted July 4, 1995 and updated December 3, 2012 to Guide Us to a Safe Internet without Censorship.

8. Australians against Government censorship

The Gillard regime has been trying to censor the media and several other groups for a while. Now they have passed Legislation allowing them access to your internet details, to collect and keep Australians' internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails.

We can either sit back and watch this Legislation be abused to a point where a Government will have a complete profile on each of us, or we can act now and ensure even if this Gillard regime doesn't reverse it, the Coalition is left with no doubt we do not want it and we expect them to reverse it if they win the next election.

The book 1984 had the administration divided among four Ministries:

the Ministry of Truth, which deals with news, entertainment, education and fine arts,
the Ministry of Love which maintains law and order,
the Ministry of Peace which wages war and the
Ministry of Plenty which handles economic affairs.

The very vocabulary of the people was under Party Control; a system called “newspeak” was encouraged. One of the most dreaded words in the arsenal of Newspeak was the most heinous offence according to the Party – that of “thoughtcrime” which was sure to be punished by the Thought police.

The slogans of Newspeak are “War is Peace” Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.”


9. APTV should not censor what we watch!

Let APTV (Alabama Public Television) know that you support David Barton's documentary on the foundation of our nation.

David Barton is the Founder and President of Wall Builders, a national pro-family organization that presents America's forgotten history and heros, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional foundation on which America was built.

Alabama viewers have the right to hear this historical viewpoint and we want to hear it! It is not up to APTV to censor what the citizens of Alabama view. This program is important information that can and should be made available to us!


Australian citizens are suffering from the harm of pornography. It ruins families, relationships and individuals.

Not only is it unavoidable for even children to see, but its impossible for anyone to get away from. It's in the supermarkets, the DVD store, the internet, movies, just about everywhere!

Pornography does not only suppress women by titles such as "virgin girl gets gang banged", but it is ruining to individuals self esteem, and is toxic within relationships which leads to tearing families and people apart. There is so much emotional trauma that women go through from the effects of pornography.

It is time the government stops turning a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of people that suffer from this industry. The government has the power to turn this around and should do immediately.


My friends and fellow fanfiction writers, since started, their slogan was "Unleash your Imagination" but recent developments have been brought to my fellow writers and my own attention that is starting to take down fics that have certain content such as sexual and/or violence in them.

This is an outrage in 3 aspects, first off, it makes the site we fan fiction lovers all know and love go against what they had encouraged since the beginning allowing people to let their imagination go wild, secondly, young people are not reading and writing as much as they used to and if this site makes people want to read and write about what they love then the more power to them, thirdly and most serious of all, this is an attack on freedom of speech amendment.

If is reading this, let me ask you this, are you going to not allow your loving writers to excercise the rights our founding fathers and those who came afterwards fight so hard for?

12. Post Nick Hanauer's talk on

Mr Nick Hanauer was invited to the 1st of May, TED University conference to make a speech on inequality.

Mr Hanauer's theme was that the middle class, not the rich, where the true job creators.

After Mr Hanauer's speech, TED did not to post the talk on the grounds that "the speech was too political, by its nature".

(Relevant information is outlined in the following link:

Also feel free to join us at our devoted Facebook page at:

and/or become a follower at our devoted Twitter account:!/TEDPetition.

13. Outlaw web filters

Web filters are a form of censorship. They prevent people from seeing what they need to see.

They are in schools and businesses. They must be stopped.

14. Support Michael Smith | Reinstate him to 2UE

If you let them take your right to free speech, how are you going to stop them from taking all the others?

We believe that freedom of speech and a free press is fundamental to the democratic principles that our country is based upon.

We believe that Fairfax have suspended Michael Smith for having information that if aired, would threaten both the position of Julia Gillard and the longevity of her minority government.

15. Restore the freedom to perform to Iranian musicians

The status of Iranian musicians after 1979 Revolution has worsened because of the following evidences:

1) Non-governmental music is not supported by Iran's regime.

2) Musicians need to pass the authorization process to have the permission to perform.

3) Female solo singers are forbidden from performing for men entirely.

4) Since the revolution, Iranian instruments are not allowed to be shown on state television programs.

16. NO to Saudi Regime Guests at British Royal Wedding

On February 14, 2011 peaceful protests commenced in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The protests were aimed at bringing attention to the need for a more equitable society which would allow for elected representation of the citizens, an end to religious discrimination, more transparency in the the functions of government, and an establishment of a constitutional monarchy.

These peaceful, unarmed protest marches were met with deadly force with live ammunition, copious tear gas, concussion grenades and torture of injured people in hospital. There have been, and continue to be arbitrary arrests of medical personnel, journalists, students and citizens from all walks of life in Bahrain. At the invitation of HRH King Hamad of Bahrain, heavily armed troops and tanks of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries entered Bahrain and continue to this day to use deadly force against the citizens of Bahrain.

Gross human rights violations are taking place every day including denial of medical treatment, torture of people in custody who are being held incommunicado and without legal representation, resulting in four deaths.

17. Support for: The Video Nasties Retrospective.

I, Tim Porter have been organizing an retrospective, dedicated to an important time period in Horror Cinema & British Film History. The Video Nasties (as they were named by the press) created a mass of moral outcry. These movies were released on a new technological device that could be used at home: The VHS Player.

Videos were un-certified and figures such as Mary Whitehouse and the Conservative government decided to draw up a list of titles to seize and prosecute these movies as they were deemed evil and repugnant. This caused a ripple effect with the British Board Of Film Classification (BBFC), as similar films were heavily censored.

This retrospective focuses on the events of the 1980's. I plan to screen 16 of the so-called nasties. These screenings will include special guests ranging from film critics, filmmakers and academics. We plan to debate and discuss in a broad context the impact that this time period has made, whether the films were as harmful as first thought and a general discussion on censorship. We will also highlight recent films such as: A Serbian Film (2010) as a prime companion to the response from the media and censors about the film's content.

These screenings are proposed to go ahead at the University of Westminster: Harrow Campus. I am asking for your support as the university are hesitant about the event. This petition is to show the interest and a possible idea on audience numbers this event will attract.

18. Tell the Smithsonian to Stop Censoring Gay Artists

On Nov. 30, 2010, the Smithsonian Institution (USA) removed "A Fire in My Belly," a work of video art by gay artist David Wojnarowicz from the National Portrait Gallery, caving in to a 2-day pressure campaign by anti-gay groups and politicians, who threatened the institution's public funding. (Watch censored video here.)

Ironically, the work was part of an exhibit highlighting the marginalization of gay people, called "Hide/Seek," the first such exhibit in a public museum in the United States. (See for more information.)

Museum Officials Caved In to False Charges, Censored Work

The "objectionable" content was 11 seconds of a 4-minute video; the brief imagery within the larger work consisted of a crucifix crawling with ants, an image of the late artist's feelings of abandonment and isolation as he was dying of AIDS in 1980s America.

Anti-gay forces knowingly mischaracterized the work as "an obvious attempt to offend Christians during the Christmas season," even though the exhibit opened in October 2010 and is scheduled to run through February 2011.

Protesters Banned From Museum

When free-speech protesters attempted to restore the art to the museum, they were SILENCED, DETAINED, and BANNED from all Smithsonian facilities. (Watch the protest video here, and read the news coverage here and here.)

Smithsonian Continues Long Tradition of Silencing Gay Americans

Just as gay- and AIDS-related art was censored by the U.S. government in the 1980s, it's still happening today. AND WE REFUSE TO BE MADE INVISIBLE AGAIN.

Tell the Smithsonian -- which is part of the U.S. government -- that there is room in America for ALL people and ALL points of view.

Tell the Smithsonian to stop censoring art!

19. Abolish FCC Censorship Regulation

"The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCC's jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions."

The above is taken from the FCC's government website.

The FCC was originally used to monitor radio and television signals. We believe it has outgrown that and began it's catering toward special interest groups such as the Parents Television Council.

The PTC was founded by L. Brent Bozell III in 1995 in response to negative criticism towards the significant increase of sex, violence and profanity on primetime television.

We believe that FCC censorship has outlived it's purpose and call on parents to take action if you want to see freedom of speech thrive.

20. Remove the word Pornography from Australian Customs Incoming Passenger Card

The Australian Sex Party is demanding the new question that has appeared on Incoming Passenger Cards at the Customs point of entry into Australia be removed. The new question asks if they are carrying any ‘pornography’.

Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said that this development now gave Government officials an unfettered right to examine someone’s laptop or mobile phone as they re-entered the country. A senior Customs official, Richard Janeczko, has been quoted as saying that materials “stored on electronic media devices such as laptops, thumb drives and iPhones” are on their target list.

“If you and your partner have filmed or photographed yourselves making love in an exotic destination or even taking a bath, you will have to answer ‘Yes’ to the question or you will be breaking the law”, she said. Travellers must now also declare perfectly legal materials such as Category 1 and 2 Restricted magazines, X18+ films and quite probably a large section of R18+ films which have explicit sex in them. Ms Patten said the change marked the beginning of a new era of official investigation into people’s private lives – being investigated or searched on the basis that you might have legal material in your possession.

She said that by answering YES to the new Question One on the declarations, people would then be asked whether they are declaring a weapon, illicit drugs or pornography. When they answered ‘pornography’ their materials would then be examined by one and possibly a number of Customs Officers. If people were at all embarrassed by the question, often surrounded by family and friends, they could be taken into a private room and even have their person searched.
“Is it fair that Customs officers rummage through someone’s luggage and pull out a legal men’s magazine or a lesbian journal in front of their children or their mother-in-law”, she said?

Customs’ official reasoning behind the changes states that ‘No consultation was undertaken under section 17 of the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 before this instrument was made as it is of a minor or machinery nature and does not substantially alter existing arrangements.’

“The term ‘pornography’ is not referred to at all in the federal Classification Act which Customs rely on to classify their material .

21. Abolish the Digital Economy Bill

This bill is a disgrace, swiftly passed through parliament with little debate, only 5% of MP's attending the debate and voted how their respective parties wished them to anyway.

Passed through right before parliament is dissolved so that this cant be brought up in parliament until May/June.

Innocent people will be persecuted by this, having their internet connections removed for simply being suspected of file sharing. This law is far too loose and will have serious application problems. It has introduced censorship to the UK, with the ability for the Secretary of State to block any website he/she believes to be associated with File Sharing. That could include website like Google!

22. Australians against Internet Censorship by our Government

The Labor federal government has announced plans to censor "inappropriate" material on our internet. We cannot let this happen...

The nerve of the Australian (Rudd or any other) government to tell the world, and our own people that they condemn nations such as Iran and China for "oppressing the people" with internet censorship. Now for them to turn around and say they're doing it to protect us from "inappropriate" material.

Who deems what is inappropriate? They have already stated that the blacklist will not be known by anyone except the government and law enforcement agencies.

They say its to stop things like child porn and bestiality, but once the floodgates open, it will make it much easier to slip anything the government of the day wants into the blacklist, with US, the Australian public being none the wiser.

Examples in recent history can be seen in the likes of Thailand, Norway and Denmark. Where censorship was made law under the pretext of protecting the public (children predominately) from the evils of the world. Then it was proven that the Thai government also blacklisted over 1200 websites that were critical of Thai's royal family^ (source: Sydney Morning Herald 19/03/09)

Internet censorship is crossing a very fine line. Once legislation of this magnitude is made into law, there is no turning back. The Patriot Act in the U.S.A. is one of many examples of this. Obama promised, if elected, would get rid of, he reneged, and in fact extended its length and added more to it.

The government has no right to control the one medium that is a daily part of our lives. The internet provides the entire world on a platter for all to see at the click of a button, we have to accept that no matter what, filter or not, there will always be evil on the net, but the positives by far, outweigh the negatives.

23. Release Hossein 'Hoder' Derakhshan from Evin Prison

Update: September 21, 2010 Trial has been held and the prosecutor has requested the death penalty by execution for Hossein 'Hoder' Derakhshan. The sentencing verdict has not been delivered to the court but the risk is implied. Please sign and forward petition to all contacts. Thank you.

Hossein 'Hoder' Derakhshan is an Iranian-Canadian Blogger, journalist, and internet activist. He has been advocating the use of the internet as a means for social and political reform in Iran.

He is credited with starting the blogging revolution in Iran and is called by many journalists as the father of Persian blogging or the 'Blogfather'. He also helped to promote podcasting in Iran. His weblog, like some other political Persian blogs and websites, has been blocked (or filtered) by the government in Iran, since 2004

On leaving Iran, he was shortly detained and summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence. A few days later he was interrogated by an intelligence official over the content of his blog and was forced to sign an apology before being allowed to leave Iran.

After returning to iran On November 1, 2008, Derakhshan was arrested at his family home in Tehran.
As of late April 2009, the New York Times stated that Derakhshan remained under detention and had not been charged. However, by late October 2009, approaching the one-year anniversary of his arrest, his family began speaking out to Persian and English-language media. His father, Hassan Derakhshan, most notably released an open letter to the new head of the Iranian Judiciary, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani. asking for more information about his son's detention.

24. Remove Pornography from Children's View

We have a responsibility to protect children from harm. Sayno4kids believes that exposing children to pornographic material negatively impacts on their self esteem and sexual development.

Children have the right to enter their local store without being confronted by highly sexualised material. This petition gives you a voice on this issue - help us change the law to protect children from involuntary exposure to pornography.

25. Support Iranian Movement

On Friday 12th of June Iranian people voted in the presidential elections, many with much dissatisfaction about how they were ruled for the last four years, and with high hopes for a change. Yet Iranians woke up the following day to a result which many believe to have been rigged, becoming what many are now calling a coup d’état by the Ahmadinejad’s government, against the vote of the people.

در تاریخ 22 خرداد بسیاری از مردم ایران در پی نارضایتی 4 ساله و امید برای تغییر در انتخابات ریاست جمهوری شرکت کردند، ولی صبح روز بعد از انتخابات ایرانیان با نتایجی مواجه شدند که بسیاری بر این باورند که در آن تقلب شده، و از آن تحت عنوان کودتای دولت احمدی نژاد علیه رای مردم یاد میکنند.

There have been many issues surrounding the elections which have led to these allegations of fraud, including heavy censorship, arrests and repression of the reformists and their supporters, beatings and shootings at demonstrations by government forces which have led to high numbers of causalities and a growing number of deaths.

اتفاقات بسیاری در حول وحوش مساله ی انتخابات افتاده که منجر به ادعای جعلی بودن نتایج آن شده است از جمله سانسور شدید، دستگیری و سرکوب رفرمیست ها و هوادارانشان، ضرب و شتم و گشودن آتش به روی مردم توسط نیروهای دولتی که باعث بالا رفتن تعداد کشته شدگان شده است.

The escalation of censorship of newspapers, websites, TV and radio services around the elections have contributed to the reporting of the events surrounding this event extremely difficult. Many international human rights organizations including Amnesty international, Article 19, Reporters Sans Frontier, and others have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Iranian elections and the events that have followed it since.

اعمال سانسور بر روزنامه ها، وبسایت ها، تلویزیون و رادیو هایی که به پوشش اخبار مربوط به انتخابات ایران میپرداختند به شدت افزایش یافته است. بسیاری از سازمان های بین المللی حقوق بشر از جمله سازمان عفو بین الملل، بند19، گزارشگران خط مقدم و... نارضایتی خود را در باب مساله ی انتخابات و اتفاقات پس از آن ابراز کردند

26. No Censorship of Internet Content

The federal government intends to censor illegal content on the Internet, compulsorily. We will not be given a choice to view this material, unlike the previous net nanny proposal. It will simply become inaccessible by all Australians. These restrictions will put Australia on the same level as countries such as China, Cuba, Iran and North Korea.

See article “Net clamp on users” in the Courier Mail on Wednesday 29 October, 2008, page 5.

The problem lies with defining “illegal content”. So far euthanasia and pro-anorexia sites are on the chopping block. What’s next? Illegal content will be defined and redefined by the government from time to time as they see fit depending on their personal views and political stance. Senator Conroy himself admitted that he does not know what content the mandatory filter would bar. This is unacceptable and an intolerable restriction on our freedom of speech (which is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation) and our freedom of information.

How far will this go? If this trend continues, then perhaps you might not be able to even read this petition soon, having been blocked by the government as being undesirable or anti-government.

We should at least retain our right to choose. People who do wish to have unrestricted access to the Internet should be able to opt for this. Government should not have unfettered control over our freedom of speech, expression and freedom of information.

27. Stop The Australian Internet Censorship

The Australian government has decided it would be a good idea to censor the Internet, making Australia an essentially Totalitarian state.

Sign this petition to stop this from happening!

28. Stop Censorship

In a thread where you were dared to post your own picture, a popular member of the city challenged the idea of the thread, where a mod decided to pick a fight with this user. I defended this user named Scoobydooby67 by "instigating" with this user agianst him, and taking the thread off course.

29. Say No to censorship in Iran

A petition to Say No to censorship in Iran.

30. Race & Diversity: Censorship of Big Ralph: Black Police Chief


(“Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief” discusses Race and Diversity published in 1997)

Beloved there is nothing in this life that will remain the same forever. So shall the wicked dry up as the dry grass and weeds of a drought stricken land? Then as we look out upon the horizon there extends the righteous farther than the eye can see. These times are good as the wretched of the earth not only see sunshine but also see and feel the heat of summer and the breath of the mighty Wind.

Take this for your thought and mediation realizing that evil will come to end in time. If not sooner later as there is a Day of Judgment.

Greetings Brethren,

Peace be unto you. We bear witness that the signs of the times are changing as quick and swift as the Wind blows. The recent Supreme Court decision regarding race and diversity is a concern that the FreedomJournal/Psyche Z Publishing has thoroughly written about twenty years hence.

We declare that our research on this subject and specifically the integrationist philosophy of the Civil Rights Movement (NAACP) has caused these agencies and their supporters to be in the vanguard of our forty-year battle against CENSORSHIP. The book “Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief” therefore has been the most CENSORED BOOK IN AMERICA mainly from our analysis because of the succinct discussion of race and diversity and the insightful and truthful critique of the Civil Rights Movement and it’s leadership.

We come not to lift ourselves up are to be puffed up. But we declare that our research is the only existing detailed discussion of the factors that related to the pertinent issues of school integration and the hidden and untold story regarding the realities of Brown v. Board of Education.


Peace and Paradise,
Carl A Patton, writing for the FeedomJournal July 3, 2007 in service to the Lord of Lord’s, King of King’s Christ Jesus and as God is our witness we only seek an equal opportunity.