#Animal Rights

I was shocked to discover that the AKC discriminate against mixed breeds by not allowing them into their classes or competitions. Mixed breeds are hardier because they are less prone to genetic conditions.

As well as this, I disagree with the way that the AKC promotes puppy mills by registering puppie that have been bred on these filthy, cramped places where female dogs are bred to exhaustion and then either killed or dumped at animal shelters.

Despite the cruelties behind this support, the AKC are planning on allowing hounds to hunt raccoons. Yes, the hounds do need to fulfil their urge to hunt, but this can be fulfilled by laying artificial scents.

As well as this, the AKC is allowing the over-breeding of dogs, which can result in pugs with such short snouts that they cannot breathe properly.

We, the undersigned, believe that, although the AKC may have good points as well, the good does not justify the bad and we urge them to change their policies to protect ALL dogs and stop their raccoon hunting.

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The Change the American Kennel Club petition to AKC was written by Victoria Salter and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.