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Fox hunting - Keep the Ban

Hunting with dogs was banned in 2005 in a reaction to the strength of public feeling against the cruelty of wild animals being chased, often to the point of exhaustion, before being purposely set upon by packs of dogs, for so called ‘sport’.

Ten years on, the Act is under threat as the Government seeks to repeal the Hunting Act 2004.

No place in modern Britain

We believe that chasing and killing live animals with dogs is barbaric, outdated and has no place in modern Britain.

The vast majority of the British public support the Hunting Act (typically 70 - 80 per cent) and the UK has some of the most progressive animal welfare laws in the world. This reflects the public consciousness of compassion towards animals.

A repeal of the Hunting Act would not only give a green light to resuming fox deer and mink hunting, hare hunting and coursing, it would also allow those who use terriers and lurchers to fight and kill foxes, deer, hares and mink.

Hands off the Hunting Act

150 years ago other cruel sports such as bear baiting, bull fighting and dog fighting were legal in Britain. No one would suggest now that those cruel sports be legalised again and we believe the same is true of hunting with packs of dogs - nobody has the right to be cruel to animals..

If you care about this issue and would like to take action, please email your MP urging them to defend the the Hunting Act now.

2. Revoke permits issued to hunt protected houbara bustard

Pakistan's federal government has issued a number of special permits to hunt the internationally protected migratory bird houbara bustard in Punjab during the hunting season 2016-17, according to sources.

These permits are issued to Arab diplomats and prince. According to newspaper dawn, Qatari prince Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani is among those in whose name the permits have been issued.

3. Stop Slaughtering OUR Wolves in the USA and Canada

I have been an outspoken activist for the Wolves and trying to stop the government sanctioned killing of these Noble creatures for years. The Wolf is an extremely important part of the wild eco-system. They help keep nature in balance.

Hunting of the wolf for sport is a travesty and should be illegal as it once was. There is absolutely no need for such killings of such an intragal part of our Wildlife and Wilderness in general. There is more than enough evidence to support this.

4. Stop Hippo Cull in Luangwa

The Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW - formerly ZAWA) has issued licenses to professional hunting outfitters in 2016 onward to ‘cull’ hippos in the South Luangwa, Zambia. DNPW are calling these hunts a wildlife management tool.

The number of hippos set to be slaughtered: “The bag is 400 a year, there is talk of the bag being 4 hippo's a day for 5 years in four separate locations along the Luangwa River. The hunting season is 4 months duration. If this is the case, then it is potentially running to 2,000 hippos over 5 years, … a significant proportion of the hippo population in the Luangwa Valley.”

5. Allow Centerfire Rifles for Michigan Night Time Predator Hunting

Coyote populations are on the rise throughout Michigan and requiring more refined methods of management as the growing need to control their populations and potential unwanted interactions with humans, livestock and pets increase.

The current Michigan regulations of restrictive calibers and cartridge/shot shell types fall short of providing effective means to manage some predator species. And here’s why:

• The Plains (Western) coyote in Michigan typically weighs upward to 40 lbs. for adults;

• Shots taken with currently allowed night time firearms present great difficulties in maintaining humane, one shot kills beyond 100 yards without the risk of run offs which require tracking;

• .17 and .22 cal. rim fires cannot be reloaded to take advantage of optimum accuracy;

• The effective range of shotguns with allowed available commercial loads do not provide combined adequate knock down power and shot pellet grouping for ethical kills beyond 60 yards .

By allowing centerfire rifles with a maximum diameter of .224” and a maximum case length of 2.0” with the aid of a game or predator call will:

• Allow at least (24) twenty-four .17 caliber through .22 caliber reloadable centerfire rounds with adequate power for quick, one shot kills that classify the majority of day time predator hunter’s currently owned guns.

• Be consistent with laws currently in place in two nearby states, Ohio and Indiana, which general information and FOIA requests filed have determined that no recorded personal injury or property damage reports were made resulting from allowing centerfire rifles at night for predator hunting;

• Allow law enforcement to continue to effectively enforce deer poaching laws by requiring firearms to continue to be loaded only at the calling site.

6. Pledge NOT To Travel To Florida For Recreation Or Business Until Former BAN Against Florida Black Bear Hunting Is RESTORED!

On October 24, 2015, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) – with the full support of the government of the State of Florida – essentially allowed “trophy hunters” to wage war against the peaceful and non-aggressive Florida Black Bear despite many months of passionate pleas by more than 175,000 concerned citizens. To add insult to injury, the FWC deceitfully labeled the event as “conservation.” What did these Bears do to warrant their destruction? Nothing! They had not killed a human or pet, nor had they harmed other wildlife or livestock. Worse yet, although the FWC established a “kill limit” of 320 Bears, as many as 400 to 500 Bears were MURDERED, many of whom were lactating mothers with cubs … some of which later died because they were too young to survive on their own. This MASSACRE made national headlines.

How could such a tragedy occur? First of all, the FWC sold 3,778 bear hunting licenses for just 320 Bears. With that many eager participants salivating for an opportunity to pose next to a fresh kill, the Bears didn’t stand a chance. Secondly, the hunting administration plans were created and implemented with such incompetence that two local hunting associations refused to attend the hunt and discouraged their members to do the same. Thirdly, countless numbers of Bears were lured onto private property and slaughtered there, then secretly carted away by hunters in order to avoid inspectors, who were comparatively small in number and completely overwhelmed by the management demands presented by several thousand motivated hunters. The FWC was repeatedly warned about the “Armageddon” their grossly inept hunting plans would cause to the Bears, but they simply did not care.

To make the GENOCIDAL HUNT legally possible, the FWC, with Governor Rick Scott’s tacit approval, terminated the 21-year ban against bear hunting. Despite a massive public outcry in opposition, the FWC took this action even though they publically admitted that the hunt would do little or NOTHING to prevent future altercations between the Bears and humans. The FWC also intentionally ignored the documented fact that because of fast-paced deforestation from residential and commercial construction, dramatic reductions in food supplies due to climate change, and an alarmingly high number of deaths due to vehicular collisions, Bear populations, believed by experts to already be at all-time lows, are already being aggressively reduced. Instead of employing the various non-lethal, “compassionate conservation” methods which have been scientifically proven to reduce or eliminate human-animal conflicts, as other jurisdictions have successfully done, the FWC has chosen the cruel and barbaric practice of allowing bloodthirsty “recreational hunters” to terrorize and KILL innocent, non-threatening Florida Black Bears.

What is the purpose of the hunt? FWC and Governor Scott’s have FALSELY claimed that the justification for the trophy hunt is that there are too many Black Bears and the concern that negative contacts with humans is higher. The real reason for the hunt is to placate commercial land developers who are interested in turning more and more of Florida’s vanishing pristine wilderness into commercial parks, hotels, high-priced housing, theme parks, fancy condominiums, shopping malls, and even fracking location – all in the name of PROFIT. And, of course, the wealthier that land developers become, the greater their election campaign contributions will be for those running for elected positions in the Florida Government.

SADLY, despite world condemnation regarding last year’s trophy hunt, the FWC is in the process of authorizing yet ANOTHER DIASTEROUS HUNT in October 2016 against the innocent and under-populated Florida Bear. Trophy hunters everywhere are waiting with bated breath so they can purchase new permits for another SLAUGHTER, which experts believe will result in a death toll even greater than last year’s. In the heartless pursuit of millions of dollars of tax revenue from a highly lucrative, multibillion dollar tourist industry, the Florida Government FALSELY peddles itself as a travel destination that supposedly respects and honors its wildlife and environment. They’re hoping that tourists and business travelers coming to Florida will simply IGNORE the systematic destruction of the bears, panthers, manatees and other wildlife creatures and their habitats. In other words, “spend your money and SHUT UP.”

To save the Florida Black Bear and their immensely important contribution to the environment, we must band together and DEMAND that the anti-hunting ban, which until last year, was working very well for 21 years for all stakeholders, be RESTORED. We must also advocate for the utilization of non-lethal, “compassionate” conservation techniques, instead of resorting to the simple-minded and grossly ignorant strategy of bear killing. In particular, non-residents with a concern for the protection and preservation of wildlife who have plans to travel to Florida for business or recreation need to MAKE THEIR VOICE HEARD and consider whether they are interested in contributing millions of dollars in tax revenue to a state government planning to KILL more Bears for the sake of land developers, despite the vast majority of its citizens OPPOSING the hunt.

7. Facebook Members against Thrill Killers posting photos publicly on Facebook

Killing for the thrill is unfortunately legal in the US and many countries. For many of us, thrill kill is not hunting at all but merely an excuse to slaughter animals that are not going to be consumed for sustenance, rather, killing for 'sport'. Sport involves competition and its quite clear that NO animal is going to have a chance to 'compete' with these killers, thus it simply is NOT 'sport', not sport for the animals at all. The creature has no chance of survival when there is a massively powered gun with a scope on it, aimed at it from a very safe distance by a very sick individual. This is not sport, this is murder/killing and its simply for a rush of adrenaline, lack of or too much, testosterone and lastly, bragging rights. This includes the men too; ladies, you are not being singled out.

While it is unlikely that as citizens and Facebook members signing this petition we can do much about this enormous foe and the income created from the hundreds of thousands of jobs it offers, the hunting, the guns & ammo, income from the sporty & fabulous clothing designs and the biggest foe - the NRA; we CAN make a stand, albeit a small one, by objecting to having to view the carnage of thrill kill on the public forum of Facebook. Any objection to thrill killing is taking a stand for animals rights and animal welfare, it also takes a stand against animal cruelty and abuse.

This petition serves to erradicate gruesome photos from Facebook. It also serves to bring more awareness to the all encompassing industry of thrill kill which is mostly comprised of elitists with tons of money.

Beautiful creatures die at the hands of people who believe they have a right to kill it regardless of it NOT being a source of food. Many argue it is their right as Americans (or human beings) to kill for the thrill and unfortunately, they are correct. It is my right, however, to complain and object to having to view the photos that are currently visible to the general public of Facebook.

8. WV Hunters for Better Buck Management

The purpose of this petition is to create meaningful interaction between like-minded sportsmen/women with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and the WV DNR Commissioners regarding the topic of buck management.

We desire changes in laws and game management practices that are conducive in developing a varying deer herd age structure where more bucks reach maturity by lowering the annual buck limit per hunter.

Please comment with your choice of one of the four options:
1 buck limit with Antler Restrictions
1 buck limit without Antler Restrictions
2 buck limit with Antler Restrictions on 1 buck
2 buck limit with no Antler Restrictions

9. No large caliber rifles for deer hunting

Through Facebook we have asked people their opinion on Indiana allowing large caliber rifles to be used for deer hunting with a vast majority of them being against it because of safety and the deer population being low.

10. We support Kendall Jones' Facebook photos

It is our rights as humans to hunt and kill animals where it calls for a season. What Kendall Jones has done is her right to hunt safari animals. This young lady has done something most have dreamed of doing or have never done.

We fellow hunters want her to know we stand beside her as the animal rights people want to bash her and demand her photos be taken off Facebook.

I demand that Facebook keeps them.

11. Ban all forms of hunting (including shooting)

Hunting, in my view, is a very cruel, barbaric activity. No matter how "humane" or "clean" the kill is, I still feel that ALL needless killing when done by human beings is wrong.

Animals can and do commit acts of kindness, both towards their own species and towards other species. For instance, Angel the pit bull saved a woman and her child from an attacker. Weela, another pit bull, saved at least 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat in her lifetime. Foxes have been known to help each other, dogs have been known to mourn deceased people whom they had loved, at least one horse has been known to save his/her rider and I have even heard of a wolf that, apparently, saved a man's life.

Hunting can be dangerous for people as well as cruel to animals. People can get injured whilst out hunting and, no matter how careful the hunters/shooters are, I still feel that there is a risk that they could end up shooting a person.

12. Ban hunting pages!

This is basically a petition that is targeted towards facebook, this little idea popped into my head just now as I remembered something, I was on facebook and I saw many wolf hunting pages, and they were gruesome!

There were wolves hanging up, sick jokes targeted towards such dead wolves and photographs of de-limbed and tortured wild animals.

Pages like the only good wolf is a dead wolf, wolf hunting, trapping and snaring, western wolf facts, and many other hunting pages are corrupting facebook, they need to realise that it is a site for teenagers as well as adults, and they need to respect the animals they kill.

13. Refuse Melissa Bachman any future VISA to Australia

Melissa Bachman, recently killed the lion on a hunt in South Africa. Bachman is a keen trophy hunter. The co-host of the TV show Winchester's Deadly Passions has shared several photos with dead bears, deer and alligators on social media.

Hunting and poaching are one and the same!

14. Stop the Killing of Wildlife in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Hunting, poaching and killing ANY wild animal for ANY reason are one and the same. Stop the killing of wildlife in Great Smokies National Park.

Great Smokies National Park officials killed a young elk after a video of the elk playfully head-butting Photographer James York went viral on Youtube. Great Smokies National Park officials said the elk was a safety threat despite the fact that York was not injured. Park officials said they killed the young elk after efforts to keep the elk away from people failed because people have been feeding some of the animals.

The truth is that this young elk, "Great Elky" welcomed and coexisted peacefully with human tourists in the park, the ELK's home. This elk, all elk, deer and other Smokies National Park wildlife deserve to live in their natural park home, free of human interference and human aggression.

RIP Great Elky. We hope this petition will help bring meaning to your short life.

You can support the campaign to save wild elk and deer by:

* Signing the peition below

* Getting "RIP Great Elky" Products at

* Sharing Doe A Deer's YouTube video about saving deer and elk at

(or you can find the video on BornFreeMovies Channel at

Every bit of support helps. Together we can help change the world and make it a better place for these animals.

15. Stop the legal killing of wildlife. STOP TROPHY HUNTING.

Hunting and poaching are one and the same.

Stop the killing of wildlife now.

Stop Melissa Bachman (pictured below). Ms Bachman said she killed the lion on a hunt in South Africa.

16. Change the rules of youth weekend deer hunting

Youth weekend -

I am concerned with the current rules regarding youth weekend. Youth day is meant for youth who are too young to go out hunting on their own. Currently, they are allowed to hunt archery, rifle and muzzleloader season on top of youth weekend.

I strongly feel that youths who participate in youth weekend should be issued a youth tag that
limits them to hunting only on youth weekend. If they choose to purchase a youth tag, they should not be allowed to hunt other seasons for the year.

The changes I have suggested would create a fair system for all hunters and would prove to be more beneficial for the deer herd, while still providing youth hunters with a safe, designated weekend to hunt.

17. Stop Wolf Hunting

Wolf hunting is a hateful, barbaric practice that can involve shooting the wolf and, perhaps frequently, missing and injuring the poor animal or even setting dogs, a distant relative of the wolf, onto them. It can also involve trapping the poor wolf.

If the animal is lucky, the hunters will actually be "responsible" and go back to check the trap and find him/her and then kill the poor creature. If the wolf is unlucky, however, they will be left to suffer in agony, often with a broken leg and, usually, with torn skin and/or flesh before eventually dying from thirst, blood loss, starvation, attack by other animals or from being killed by the hunter.

Wolves are one of the world's most misunderstood animals. They are not the savage, vicious beasts that many people think they are. Wolves are, in fact, highly sociable, intelligent animals, and wolf attacks on humans are actually quite rare. In fact, more people are attacked by domesticated dogs in the USA than by wolves.

There have even been a few cases of people being saved by wolves. Also, without wolves, there would be no dogs. Can you imagine a world without dogs?
Yes, wolves are generally very vicious when they attack prey animals, but then so are lions, African wild dogs and human beings. Also, when wolves attack their prey, that is just nature, and the wolf, unlike human beings, does not kill for fun and they do not kill with hate or prejudice. They kill in order to survive.

One of the main reasons why wolves attack livestock is because they are oppurtunists. They do not think "yum, a good little lamb". Instead, they merely see prey and follow their instincts. They also often have no choice but to do this in order to survive because of the fact that humans have wiped out and chased away a lot of their natural prey.

Wolves can be kept out of areas by the use of electric fences and the employment of guard dogs and even human guards. They can also be kept away by bullets being fired to frighten them off.

18. Premier - Stop your attack on Law Abiding Hunters

This petition is dedicated to the memory of Michael Hampson.

Mike was a boat builder by trade and a company director. He was an "A" grade indoor cricket player for 30 years. A keen fisher, Mike made annual pilgrimages to Fraser Island each year with two different groups of mates, often organising the holiday. He was a great husband and father, dependable, reserved, sunny-natured and easy-going.

Mike is sadly missed and remembered with love by all who knew him.

Tight lines Mike.

On 4 July 2013 NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell announced the immediate abolition of Game Council NSW and suspension of hunting in 400 NSW State Forests and 2 Crown Lands areas.

This decision and action was said to be based on findings and recommendations of the Dunn report following a review of Game Council NSW governance.

However, the true motivation for the Premier's decision is purely political and revealed in the media release from the Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson: "The governance arrangements of the Game Council are a product of the former Labor Government - another Ian Macdonald, Tony Kelly and Steve Whan legacy."

Premier O'Farrell has seized the political opportunity presented by the Dunn report. By abolishing Game Council NSW he has attempted to (a) reduce the growing support base for the Shooters and Fishers Party (which holds the balance of power in the NSW Legislative Council) prior to the NSW state election in March 2015, (b) inflict another blow to Labor's credibility and re-election prospects following the ICAC inquiry and (c) claw back support from dissatisfied environmental groups opposed to hunting.

Equally offensive to the tens of thousands of law-abiding hunters and firearm owners in NSW was the announcement that functions previously performed by Game Council NSW will be taken over by other government agencies including the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and the Government Licencing Service (GLS) or the NSW Police Firearms Registry.

However even a cursory investigation of the performance of OEH/NPWS, DPI, GLS and the NSW Police by Mr Dunn would have revealed the litany of governance failures by these so-called "appropriate" agencies as identified by the NSW Audit Office, including:

• Inability of the NSW Government to provide assurance that its agencies can safeguard the security of sensitive personal information held in electronic records.

• Inability of OEH/NPWS to, inter alia, translate the objects in the Act to specific, measurable management objectives and identify what constitutes success in reserve management. It also needs to move from intuitive to informed management.

• Failure of OEH/NPWS to develop a state-wide plan for the management of historic heritage and absence of a NSW Heritage Strategy.

• Failure of NSW Police to store and transport firearms and ammunition in accordance with the Firearms Act 1996, storage of firearms and ammunition on open shelves within a police station and failure to dispose of firearms in a timely manner.

The Premier's decision to abolish Game Council NSW is a blatant political manoeuvre. There is no evidence that the nominated Government agencies are entirely "appropriate" and can provide an effective governance function. Indeed, the NSW Auditor-General's performance audits indicate there is cause for concern with these agencies' capabilities.

In the meantime, tens of thousands of hunters have been summarily locked-out of NSW State Forests without justifiable cause.


The Maltese Islands are an important resting place for thousands of birds, many that are internationally protected, others rare or on the verge of extinction. Each year, thousands are being slaughtered indiscriminately on despite laws that are supposed to protect them.

While the authorities have tried their best, it is clear that the situation is beyond any control. The shooting of all species, including protected & endangered birds is now starting to affect Malta's Tourism image across the globe.

The people are tired of being afraid to walk the countryside to enjoy the sound of nature for fear of being threatened, for fear of having to cover the eyes of our children from the bloodbaths that occur yearly, for fear of being powerless to protect thousands of birds that are being shot down. We are now tired of any administration that refuses to make a responsible and exemplary decision for our country and the world to admire.

20. Legalise hunting of feral pests within Victorian State Game Reserves

Hunting of game species (deer, duck and quail), in season is currently permitted within Victorian State Game Reserves. However, pest species may not be hunted, even with a Registration of Interest to Hunt Pest Animals on Crown Land, except when specifically authorised by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

Hunters of game species are keenly aware of the impact of introduced pests such as the European Red Fox, Feral Cat and European Rabbit on native ecosystems. The vast majority also hunt species designated as feral on private and Crown land, in addition to game species in season.

Organisations such as Field and Game Australia undertake significant efforts to preserve and restore wetlands and funds from the purchase of Victorian Game Licences is used to finance activities such as research, construction of nest boxes, revegetation and waterfowl surveys. The removal of introduced pests that threaten both target and non-target native and game secies should be a logical and holistic part of these conservation efforts.

Several State Game Reserves (eg. Lake Goldsmith) are wetlands that dry up before duck season commences on years of decreased rainfall. The ducks leave. Hunters have currently little incentive to visit these places in the absence of legal game, and feral species that move in threaten the establishment of waterfowl when the water returns.

As firearms use is already permitted within these reserves, allowing hunters to also take pest species does not pose an additional risk to public safety.

Lastly, most State Game Reserves are bordered by private agricultural land upon which their landowners perform their own pest control. As long as feral species can find sanctuary within the Reserves, they will always be able to recolonise adjacent private land and render these efforts futile.

21. Support Pennsylvania Game Law Reform

We the responsible Hunters of Pennsylvania respectfully request that the Pennsylvania Game Commission reform the antlerless deer season regulations.

The current regulation has severely crippled the deer population in northern counties. With two weeks of doe season the next years crop of deer has no chance of rebounding. We request that the doe season only be three days at the end of the two week buck season. This was a successful management of the northern deer herd in the past.

The whole point of the game commission is conservation of the wildlife. Under current regulations this is not conservation but extermination. We as hunters would like to be able to have a future for our children and grand children as hunters.

The current demise of our (the hunters of PA) deer herd started in 2001. Let's not have history repeat its self like it did in Adams, Franklin, Cumberland counties in the 1850's.

1851 - August 1 - Deer hunting banned for five years in Cumberland and Franklin counties.

1856 - April 10 - Deer hunting banned for five years in Adams County.

Time line below taken from PA Game commission website.

2000 - A three-day antlerless deer season begins on the final day of buck season, a Saturday, in an effort to increase the antlerless deer harvest.

2001 - First concurrent two-week antlered/antlerless deer season held.

2006 – Agency begins using a new deer population monitoring procedure to manage whitetails.

2006 – Game Commission begins using direct measures of deer health (reproduction), forest habitat health (regeneration), and deer-human conflicts (Citizen Advisory Committees) to guide deer management recommendations.

2006 – Game Commission stops releasing county deer harvest numbers; provides only wildlife management unit deer kill totals.

2007 – Game Commission forms a Deer Communications Working Group to address misunderstandings about deer management.

Source of information

22. Cooper Creek camp sites

As of September 2012 US Forest Service has closed all free camp sites in Coopers Creek WMA in Union County Georgia. To keep us out they have bought and moved in huge boulders.

We as tax paying citizens are outraged by this! Local families have used the sites for years, some dating back to the 1930's. we are demanding them to be reopened!

The money we pay in taxes and fees for hunting license and fishing license pay the salaries to maintain the land, not to close it down!

23. Allow the Meynell & South Staffs Hunt on National Trust land

The origins of this well-known and prestigious pack of hounds can be traced back to the 17th century.

The Meynell and South Staffordshire are privileged to have one of the most varied, interesting and challenging grass countries in the whole of England.

Within this area are the National Trust properties of Calke Abbey, Kedleston Hall and Ilam Park.

The hunt was extremely disappointed with the judgement passed at Derby Magistrates Court; as result the remaining masters have had a complete review of its operating code to ensure that it can demonstrate that its activities are done within the Law.

The existing Masters’ responsibility to act legally throughout the season is of utmost importance and we are aware that the ongoing support of our Landowners is crucial.

24. Support Hunting - A Necessary Action To Help Preserve Australia

According to the report “Counting the Cost: Impact of Invasive Animals in Australia, 2004” by The CRC, the cost impact nationally of feral animal species totaled $720 million per year. Left unmanaged, feral animals can adversely affect the environment and agricultural production.

According to the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communities, these species cause catastrophic damage and threats to Australian landscapes, agriculture, native species and industries every year.

It would be desirable to rid Australia of its worst invasive species, but this is not achievable in most cases as feral animals typically have few natural predators or fatal diseases and as a result have not naturally diminished, but rather multiplied rapidly.

NSW Agriculture studies recommend hunting to be appropriately incorporated into pest control plans, and this is recognised and supported nationally by both
Government and private organisations.

While hunting may be a controversial issue to some, in reality, conservation hunting has done much to save many of Australia’s endangered species from extinction by predation and habitat loss, along with significantly controlling the number of feral pest species and the coinciding damage that they inflict.

In Australia, there are more than 250,000 licensed hunters, all whom are governed by laws, guidelines and regulations, to ensure that hunting is done ethically and humanely.

Conventional control methods used by licensed hunters include trapping, baiting, fencing, shooting and tracking with dogs.

Sadly, regardless of how much these licensed hunters adhere to laws and guidelines, there is a small minority, who use unethical methods during hunting - giving those who participate legally and ethically - a bad image.

Under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002, licensed hunters are permitted to use bows (not cross bows), firearms, knives and trained dogs while hunting on declared public land and private property with consent from the owner.

It is necessary, due to recent media slander of the hunting community - particularly of those who hunt with tracking dogs - that the Australian public and media are properly informed and educated on how strictly the strong majority of the licensed hunters community adhere to the ethical treatment of animals and governing laws.

The management of the number of feral pigs through the use of tracking dogs has in particular been singled out and labeled a so-called "blood sport" by members of
the media, government and public who are, unfortunately, very ill-informed.

This method, along with its benefits and reasons behind it, need to be understood and supported, in order for the Australian public to recognise that it is, in many circumstances, a more effective and humane way to control the growing number of these destructive pests.

Organisations such as the Australian Pig Doggers & Hunters Associations (APDHA) along with licensed hunters and their supporters nationally, condemn the illegal and immoral actions of any individual who does not adhere to ethical practices and laws whilst hunting.

Australia in turn, must rather than try to ban hunting in it's various forms, recognise the positive actions and effects that we provide to Australian land, agriculture and industries.

25. Withdraw the slaughter, stripping, gutting and cooking of animals from all courses provided by 'Thrills and Skills for life.'

Thrills and skills for life is a company based in the UK offering activities for children, some of which involve animal trapping, slaughter and cooking.

This is their website listing the activity in two of their courses;

This is a post on their website from 28th May 2011 where children took part in and watched rabbits and squirrels being stripped, gutted and roasted on a spit.

Another post on their website from 6th April 2011 where children witnessed pigeons being skinned and helped to roast them on a spit.

Another post on their website from 15th March 2011 describes rabbits being skinned and cooked on a spit.

A video of the activities on this course showing a rabbit being caught by a snare and a pigeon having its heart and lungs removed. The video was made independently of thrills and skills and the children themselves did not kill the animals.


South Korea are using science to continue to hunt Minke whales. It is NOT acceptable.

And WE the rest of humanity want an end to this farce.


27. Stop Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin

Wolves are a crucial part of our ecosystem, they help prevent the overgrazing of vegetation by herbivores, which would lead to starvation and disease in deer and other animals, which humans eat. They keep the population of old and sick animals down.

The wolf is also regarded as a sacred and cultural animal by many native tribes in our area, which by law were supposed to be consulted about any change in hunting plans, which they were not.

The natural balance and order of the ecosystems will be greatly affected if any of the 700 or so wolves in Wisconsin are killed. Everyone will be affected in some way.

28. Support the BC Grizzly Hunt

Hunters and outdoorsmen have long been the true conservationists in Canada, North America, and the world. The money spent by Hunters and Outdoorsmen and the true care for how wildlife is managed properly is surpassed by no group.

Several lobby groups have attempted to pressure and persuade the BC government (among others) to end sport hunting. Sport hunting is a very useful and important tool in wildlife management and no group is more passionate about wildlife and proper management than outdoorsmen and the hunting community. These lobby groups have targetted the BC Grizzly bear hunt in an attempt to eventually end all sport hunting.

Game management is important to all groups of outdoor recreationalists, tourits, outdoorsmen, and the future generations in Canada, North America, and the world. The endless projects and financial support for wildlife management by outdoorsmen have led the way to create stable and supporting management practices.

Human impact will continue to provide challenges to managing wildlife properly. This petition is created to show the numbers of people who truly support proper wildlife management and who feel that the BC grizzly hunt should not be cancelled due to pressure from Lobby groups whose interests do not lie in proper or sustainable wildlife management.

29. Ban Duck Hunting in South Australia

During the annual duck season, thousands of ducks are killed in South Australia alone. Even more are wounded, and suffer severe pain. Those wounded usually suffer for days, until they die.

It is true that like all birds, ducks are part of the food chain. They eat others, and others eat them. By killing thousands of ducks, we are severely affecting the ecosystem. Every time duck season occurs, overpopulation of insects may happen, and overgrowth of vegetation may also occur. Also, animals that eat ducks may also starve, due to the large disappearance of their own food.

Ducks are killed in the most unfair way for no good reason. This is why the brutal murders need to be stopped. Sign the petition, and we can make one more step toward animal rights.


We have a large community of hunters in our region and have been bombarded with poachers and Antler hunters right in town. Now they have found a way to try to hunt these animals legally.

We are a neighborhood of four schools, trailer parks, business's, hiking & cross country ski paths and children's parks and albeit we have wooded areas, the dangers of this planned in town hunt are unfathomable. There would never be enough safety precautions. Known facts: Hunting is ineffective for solving human/deer conflicts.

Studies show that car/deer collisions increase during hunting season because hunters frighten the deer out of the woods and onto roads. Contrary to popular belief, hunting does not address Lyme disease because the ticks are usually spread to humans by mice, not deer. And as long as suburban landscaping includes deer-preferred plants such as tulips and rhododendrons, that landscaping will attract hungry deer, no matter how many deer there are. Impotant to know because this is the most frequent excuse used for these hunts; Hunting does not reduce the deer population because removing some individuals from the population results in more food per deer, which leads to the births of more twins and triplets.

This also means that hunting is unnecessary because the deer will self-regulate and give birth to fewer fawns when food is scarce.