All Residents of Canada

Several Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec) provide a public auto insurance system while in the rest of the country insurance is provided privately.

Basic auto insurance is mandatory throughout Canada with each province's government determining which benefits are included as minimum required auto insurance coverage and which benefits are options available for those seeking additional coverage. Accident benefits coverage is mandatory everywhere except for Newfoundland and Labrador.

All provinces in Canada have some form of no-fault insurance available to accident victims. The difference from province to province is the extent to which tort or no-fault is emphasized. Typically, coverage against loss of or damage to the driver's own vehicle is optional.

We, the citizens of Canada, call to the government of Canada to make the "Mandatory vehicle Insurance Law" into an "Optional Vehicle Insurance Law".

We should have a choice if we want to be insured or not. For some, they cannot afford a vehicle because the insurance would be too much, sometime annually exceeding the price of the vehicle.

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