#Animal Rights
The U.N.

Only a few months ago, 28 live dolphins were captured from the Solomon islands, and headed for a marine park in Dubai. Already, 4 discarded dolphin carcasses have been discovered, and activists fear the worst for the remaining dolphins. Those that survive will be condemned to a life in slavery.

Dolphins are living, breathing creatures. They form loving bonds with their families in the wild, and they are extremely intelligent. Yet governments just treat them as an object; merely a form of profit.

Activists have called for the release of the dolphins, yet the Solomon Islands government claims that they had been working too long on this deal to stop.

Dolphins and whales are amazing animals, and to truly appreciate their beauty, people have to see them in the natural environment, behaving as they would normally.

Now, a pod of dolphins has been destroyed for someone's greed.

It is time for all whales and dolphins captured from the wild to be released, and live a life free of human interference.

We, the undersigned, sincerely ask for international laws and conventions to be designed to prevent the capture of any more whales or dolphins globally.

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