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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, The people of the FREE WORLD can no longer take all the senseless killing between Israelis and Palestinians.

After 63 years of witnessing the unfair treatment of the Palestinian People, especially in Gaza, we cannot stand on the sidelines any more. Indifference is no longer an option.

If there is Injustice, there is No Peace. The 'Status Quo' between Israelis and Palestinians is at a dangerous point!

The Palestinian People Need Your Utmost Help To Declare Their Independence By Signing This Petition!

Please find it in your heart to help return their*Native* Homeland to them and *Re-Unify* Historic Palestine as a secular, democratic, multicultural state with absolutely equal national, civil and legal rights for *ALL* its inhabitants, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. This Is Long Overdue!

Anyone Who Doesn't Want That Circumstance Would Be Free To Leave.

We, the citizens of the world, must be Pro-Active to call for A Palestinian Homeland so justice will prevail for all the world to see!

PALESTINE - One Democratic State for all Palestinian and Israeli citizens.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong
Founder of www.worldharmonyday.com

"We, the undersigned, call upon President Putin & President Xi to right the wrong of the world and PALESTINE is the first wrong that we must right as a Global Family!

The Palestinian people need our unconditional support. If you visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_State, you can find many countries and people are ready to declare their support for a Palestinian State.

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