I don’t like the ROBLOX community as it is now, but I’m grateful for what useful updates ROBLOX brought to me, however there are always people ruining it such as the media and the community, mostly the community and and 3rd party apps, however since this is a kids game, I want to bring it back to its natural state, no online daters on this kids game, more safer, much more funnier and better, bring back guests and tix so kids won’t have to spend real life money!

We would like you to re-add guests or tix(so that kids don’t spend their parents money) back, and get more employees on moderation team to make it safer for children to play.

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The Bring ROBLOX tix/guests back, or remove all online daters cause this is a kids game. petition to Roblox.com was written by Jogger Bogger and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.