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Loyola Marymount University had a Nationally ranked football team from 1911 until 1950, ranking higher than USC and UCLA. During the 1950 season Western Texas University and the Board of Reagents did not allow us to play them because it was against their rules to have an African American play for or against any team in their division. This was over 60 years ago and times have changed. It is time to bring back LMU football and boost school spirit.

1. We are sick of being unknown as a University compared to USC and UCLA just because we don't have a football team.

2. We are tired of seeing people on campus wearing apparel from other schools/stores having apparel for every other school except LMU just because LMU is not as well known.

3. Bringing back football unifies the school with spirit and contributes to the college experience as a whole.

Sign the petition if you would like to support the cause and have a football team at LMU again!

Go Lions!

We, the undersigned, believe a Football program should be brought back to Loyola Marymount University.

It is time to bring back school pride, not only for this generation, but for future generations to come.

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