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Child Abusers in the Classroom

While the sex education programmes (such as LoveLife) have been known to have disastrous affects on children, they appear to be affecting teachers too. Messages of "condomise" encourage promiscuity rather than preventing it. A study revealed that teachers commit a third of all child abuse in South Africa (The Citizen, 31 January 2002). In one year, 2008, in the Western Cape, 46 cases of sexual abuse by teachers were reported by the Western Cape Education Department (Schools not acting on abuse reports - study, 15 April 2009, Cape Times).

STD Infected Teachers

In addition, a recent World Bank study claims that 40,000 of the 360,000 teachers in South Africa are HIV positive.

Teen Pregnancies

A Cape Times article (6 September 2006) reported that in the Western Cape, one in 10 schoolgirls claim pregnancy as a reason for not attending school. NGOs that work with youth, say that there has been a "huge increase" in teen pregnancies in the Western Cape. In the Free State, one girl had three abortions without her parents knowing. In 2006 alone, eight girls from a high school in the Zululand area in KwaZulu Natal fell pregnant. In Gauteng, more than 2,000 schoolgirls have fallen pregnant over the past two years.

Violence in the Schools

South Africa's schools are some of the most dangerous in the world, according to statistics published by the South African Institute of Race Relations in 2008. Only 23% of South African pupils said they felt safe at school. On average South Africa's schools ranked more than 20 percentage points below the world-wide country average of 47% of pupils declaring that they felt a high degree of safety in the classroom.

The Institute's findings follow a host of recent media reports of shoot ings, stabbings, rapes, and robberies at schools. (http://www.sairr.org.za/press-office/archive/south-african-schools-most-dangerous-in-the-world-2013-only-23-of-pupils-safe.html).

Theft and Vandalism of School Property

Schools routinely have to fork out money to pay for repairs to damaged property and losses from theft. In 2009, 21 schools were reported to have been vandalized and robbed in the Western Cape

Teachers Threatened

Many teachers have reported the growing problems of disruptive, disrespectful, and undisciplined learners. At some schools, teachers have been physically abused and threatened with a knife.

We the citizens of South Africa call on the government and the Department of Education to bring back the teaching of Bible studies as a form of motivational classes, knowledge about history, knowledge about the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic languages, and helping learners deal with life in general. Prayer must also be restored in schools. Prayer gives people hope in their lives. Even though the Bible is used by the Christian religion, studies have shown that the values learners are taught because of the Bible, they help them become better people in the society. They teach them the moral values that help them throughout life. This is for both the religious and non-religious. The Bible also gives learners valuable wisdom that they can go with throughout life. Many young people today can not find their moral equilibrium. This affects their mindset and ultimately affects the decisions they make. That is why we have a moral degenerate society in South Africa today. By the spiritual pillar and moral focus being restored in our country, it will definitely help build a better society, which will result in a prosperous nation.

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