#Human Rights
Chinese Legislature: Hu Jintao or Current President

On Monday, a picture became circulated of a helpless infant dieing in water in a red bucket in a HOSPITAL in China. After the Chinese Birth Control Office injected poison into the pregnant woman to make her deliver the baby dead, it actually came out alive and started to cry.

The people responsible ripped the baby from its mother and threw it in a bucket, with water in it, to die. This is not going away and harm will come upon our world for this kind of atrocity continuing. Shame on the Chinese government for allowing this, and anyone else who condones this criminal, terrorist activity upon helpless infants.

I ask, and hold and hear by that those involved need to be held responsible, and put in a courtroom where they will be judged for their crimes by the great citizens of the common world. Thank you. Justice and the common man's concern for human life will prevail!

Dear Nation of China,

It is unallowable for you to allow this kind of brutish killing of infants as to let them be born alive, then tossed like rubbish in to pales to die. Are you Hitler? Are you the Devil? Who controls you to make you think you can do this to our people? Who do you think you are?

If that were my child I would just as mad as the mother of this child is at you. Now, you are the helpless one, you are the one who is naked, defenseless, and poised to die before God Himself and Buddha alike. You will not be taking these measures to protect your lands anymore, as the time has come for a change, and I promise that whatever you tear down, will be raised again, but you that are murdering children after they take their first breathes, you will not escape His wrath. God's wrath that is.

Please be a trend setter and show that you can change before God makes it known to you and all you stand for how desolate and crippled you are.

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