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Beacon Hill neighbors have started a project called the Alcohol Impact Area Initiative (AIAI) in an effort to get an Alcohol Impact Area for the hill.

Several years ago the Washington State Liquor Control Board allowed certain areas such as Pioneer Square, the Downtown Core, and the University District to restrict or ban the sale of specific types of low cost, high sugar, high alcohol content beer and wine. These drinks are the beverages of choice for many chronic public inebriates.

Many neighbors have stories of people passing out on their lawn, drinking and loitering at bus stops and being harassed for money outside local stores or on sidewalks. Stories like these were the impetus to create the AIAI.

The process to get an AIA on Beacon Hill will likely be long and involved and the AIAI needs your help in supporting this effort. You can help by signing this petition and also by collecting cans and bottles of the targeted beverages for evidence to officials. A list of the targeted beverages as well as more details on the project can be found on the Facebook page (Beacon AIAI) as well.

We, the undersigned, petition the City of Seattle and the Washington State Liquor Control Board to create a mandatory Alcohol Impact Area in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, using the borders of I- 5 to Rainier Avenue South and I-90 to Graham Street.

Banning the sale of certain low cost, high sugar, high alcohol content beer and wine in Beacon Hill will aid in reducing chronic public inebriation on our streets and in our parks.

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