#Media Issues
United Kingdom

July 26, 2006

Cheshire is the only county in England that does not have its own dedicated news page on the BBC.

Surfers seeking news from Chester, Nantwich, Wilmslow, Vale Royal, Macclesfield, Crewe, Congleton etc, are forced to search for local news on the news pages for Merseyside, Manchester and Staffordshire.

Even then, coverage is very sparse, compared to news reporting from the major towns in the adjoining regions. Cheshire is a very large county and deserves its own coverage as much as the other English counties. Local news for local people!

Complaining individually to the BBC produces one of the following responses:
- we don't know why there is there no Cheshire coverage, we'll look into it.
- please look on the news pages for adjacent counties.
- it's not viable.

Why is it not viable? We are licence payers - we deserve equality of coverage. The BBC's attitude is disgraceful at best.

The BBC website also does not provide coverage for Cheshire regarding non-news, such as its "What's On" pages - typing in your postcode directs you to the nearest major town in an adjacent county.

Furthermore, there is no BBC Cheshire radio station and searching the BBC website for information on Cheshire weather displays weather maps for Liverpool to Glasgow, North Wales or Staffordshire, none of which show any Cheshire towns.

For the latest updates on the campaign, we invite you to read the campaign blog at http://newsforcheshire.blogspot.com/

We, the undersigned, demand that BBC News Online provides dedicated news coverage for the county of Cheshire on the BBC website.

With this petition, we hope to force the BBC to provide equality of coverage for licence payers in Cheshire. We need numbers for this, so please sign the petition and add your comments.

Thank you for supporting this campaign.

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