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If you care about our AONB, please sign this petition by March 30, 2010.

The Barn aside Bottom Farm (at the bottom of Beacon Hill) is owned by a Ferrier with horses located in a field (owned by Sita Waste Management Company) behind his residence in Denham. The official application for this barn on Beacon Hill is to store farming vehicles and hay for his farm in Denham!

The barn is larger than in the submitted drawings, and is almost complete, even though planning permission has not been granted yet.

No doubt you have seen the lorries up and down the lane. Local residents have witnessed waste materials delivered and burnt on site.

If this barn is really for storage of large farming vehicles and for hay both required by horses in Denham, then there will be frequent haulage of large vehicles on Beacon Hill.

There may be an ulterior motive with this building.

In 2006 the owner had a plan rejected by the Denham Council for a similar styled barn to be used as a Sand School and hay store. Sand School/Dressage training may be a possible connection with this construction.

Nevertheless, it certainly is an eye sore in an AONB for the many walkers who pass by.

If you are resident of Penn/Tylers Green, you can sign this petition to have your say. It must be done by March 30, 2010.

We, the undersigned, as local residents of Penn and Tylers Green call on the Chiltern District Council to reject the planning application CH/2010/0229/FA in the interests of maintaining an AONB and for the safety and livelihood of the surrounding residents.

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