The Parliament of Canada

On September 11, 1993, the Bloc Québécois federal political party, based on the need to defend the French language and promote Quebec culture, became officially registered with Elections Canada.

With this mandate in mind, in the October 1993 federal election, the Bloc formed the Official Opposition in the House of Commons, with Mr. Bouchard as their leader. In Canada, an opposition party is a political party with members elected to the House of Commons or legislative assembly that is neither the government party nor one of a coalition of parties forming the government.

The role of an opposition party is to oppose the government by criticizing government policies, suggesting alternatives and keeping the public informed about issues relating to government administration.

The Bloc Québécois has no other thought other than what is of benefit to Québec, and has no interest in being of benefit to the rest of Canada. They constantly strive and push for separation from Canada, seeking an autonomous and sovereign relationship with Canada.

The existence of the Bloc in the House of Commons is unconstitutional as this party does not run candidates outside of Québec. Should the Bloc ever become the Official Opposition Party again, how could they honestly and justly defend the interests of her Majesty and the people of Canada if their only reason for being is for the welfare of Québec?

We the People of Canada urge the Parliament of Canada to table a bill to ban the Bloc Québécois from running in a federal election and from sitting in the House of Commons as the existence of such a party violates the spirit of a governmentally recognized political party. Moreover, we find their actions treasonous and ask the Government of Canada to have their party declared ineligible.

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