It's no surprise that we, the students have to face an incredible amount of pressure to write the highly anticipated 10th grade boards. And to top it off, the CBSE has decided to make a series of impactful changes, where we have to face the full year portion for the very first time, at such a crucial point in our lives. After lot of contemplation, we finally came to terms with the abolition of the CCE pattern and the establishment of the Full year portion. Only to find out through ample news reports that the government had finally become conscious of the fact that it's no less than a mammoth task to study this ridiculous amount of portion, and a year later the Union Minister of HRD, Prakash Javadekar plans to reduce the portion by half in 2019. But what about us writing boards in 2018, who had been struggling to make it through the academic year. Isn't this unjust to us?! But again this isn't the first time the Central Board has toyed with our education system, by previously dissolving the CBSE-i curriculum which had impacted more than 80 schools and 50,000 students all over the world. Although this seems like a political move, it makes us wonder whether the government really cares about the students, or are they too busy making a political statement?!

We, the students make a heartfelt request to the Central Board of Secondary Education to understand the situation we are put in, where in a couple of years we will be writing out college applications which could possibly show a downfall of results hence impacting our future. It is only fair that the Board offers us a concession in the form of lenient correction. By this, we appeal to the Board to reintroduce the Moderation policy as we believe this is only fair to the lakhs of Indians writing boards in 2018.

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