#Neighborhood Living
Dublin City Council

This Petition is being brought forward because of Anti-Social Behaviour of some elderly people living in "Old Folks" Flats in our community. Some of us have lived here for over 20 years with no problems. Last year, a new tenant was moved into the "flats" and since then there has been verbal abuse and pictures being taken of children playing outside their homes, threatening gestures with a cane, verbal abuse to anyone with a dog, and property damage to a vehicle.

Another tenant was moved in recently and same anti-social behaviour is taken place, including threatening a dog with an axe in the prescence of children. There is also a "nun" who routinely calls the "guards" (police)if she hears children playing outside.

Now the reason these flats were built within a community is so the elderly can feel like they are in a community with families, and they are not sent to nursing homes to feel instituionalized or forgotten. These people forget that if children are outside playing, then the likelihood of them being robbed (which has happened on more than one occassion when there were no children or a dog outside)is decreased.

It seems that these elderly people who have a problem with children, people and animals should be institutionalized because they are a threat to themselves as well as the community.

Anti-Social Behaviour of Elderly should be stopped in Dublin.

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