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In the US, our anti bullying laws are simply not strong enough. There are not enough deterrents for the bullies that makes our childrens lives harder. Let us accept it that most of the children out there are innocent and good to each other, but there are just a small percentage of children that are bullies!! They cause great harm to our kids delicate minds and make them cry, sometimes even force them to hurt themselves!

This is me at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhlIUr1OZ-A

We have had a lot of incidents in schools that were likely because those kids were getting bullied too often! We have to make stronger anti-bullying laws to get rid of this problem once and for all!

A good way would be absolutely terminating a bully from a school and even pressing charges against them if enough children complained against him. Their parents should also be made aware about what is going on with them in school.

We have had this problem for a while with our child now, but we managed to sort out our problems after uniting with many other bullied kids parents and visiting the principal who promised to take strict action against the bully and successfully made them change their behavior.

Our laws against bullies are not strong enough. We need to do more about this. Let us come together and convince the government to do something about this! Enough is enough now!

Thanks http://www.reviewing101.com/ for providing the guidance and motivation to do this!

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- Jane S

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