#Animal Rights
City Council of La Mesa
United States of America

Allow goats and chickens to be kept as pets, permitting they are not roosters. Goats and chickens are a great way to teach kids responsibility, respect, and love for animals. Goats are just like dogs they can be walked and played with and are very loving and gentle.

Goats are less noisy than dogs I know from experience, and cleaner too. Pigs are already accepted in La mesa as pets. Goats and chickens used to be permitted in my neighborhood until it was annexed into the city.

Our chickens are quiet and provide eggs for our family. People should be able to keep a reasonable amount of animals on their private property as long as noise levels are kept within reason and are not a nuisance.

We the undersigned ask the city council of La Mesa to rewrite the law to allow home owners to keep a reasonable amount of goats (2) and chickens (10) on their property.

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