#Consumer Affairs
General Mills
United States of America

Curiosity yields exploration, exploration yields discovery. It is human nature to be curious; it is our curiosity that has led us to achieve all that we have in society. Everything from airplanes to the latest running shoes for Olympic athletes are due to human minds exploring the unknown. There are few things in this world that remain unchanged for more than 10 years. And most consumer goods are changed every year to offer the public something new and better. However one area that has remained relatively unchanged since my childhood is the cereal aisle. Sure, there are gimmicks every now and then; Captain Crunch and his "OOPS: All Berries" or "OOPS: Chocolate Donuts" are good examples But are these new or just a rehash of a breakfast standard that has been around since most of us can remember? It is outrageous that while the world around us advances in ways most of us could never imagine we are forced to start our day with the same foods that people started their days with 30 years ago. I believe that it is time for someone to make a cereal for the future, a cereal for the new millennium and I believe that it is clear what that cereal must be. When you are eating a bowl of Lucky Charms what is the best part? It's the marshmallows! And who hasn't, at one point in their life, taken a box of a cereal containing marshmallows and made a bowl of just the marshmallows? I know I have, NUMEROUS times. So, why isn't there an alternative? Why hasn't one of the giants of the cereal industry listened to what we, the consumers, want and taken that next great step in cereal technology? Perhaps we have not been vocal enough as consumers but, with your help we can change that. Upon receiving 5000 signatures this petition shall be sent to all of the major cereal manufacturers out there and perhaps someday we will be able to enjoy a nice breakfast consisting of marshmallows and nothing else. Please tell anyone that you believe is interested in a future of flavor and goodness to sign this. Thank you and God bless America.

By adding my name to this petition I, the undersigned, am expressing my desire for change in the American cereal landscape. I am expressing my desire for a cereal that is not 20% marshmallows, not 50% marshmallows, not even 99% marshmallows. I desire, a cereal that is absolutely 100% grade-A certified marshmallow goodness.

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