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1. Legalize All Fireworks in California

Every year thousands and thousands of dollars of fireworks are purchased in Nevada and brought to California.

California needs the tax money,and will make a lot of money if they legalize all types of fireworks. You will never be able to stop the flow of fireworks from Nevada to California.

So legalize all fireworks, and let people enjoy their Independence Day.

2. Retailers and Consumers against TFG Bill

The Tasmanian Parliament is considering a law that would make it illegal to sell tobacco products to anybody born after the year 2000.

This would not apply to retailers outside Tasmania (including online sales) and would not restrict criminal gangs selling illicit product.

This Bill would have a major impact on locally owned businesses. Not only to the owners and their families, but to the people employed by these businesses.

The Bill WILL:
• Prevent the sale of tobacco products to persons born since the year
2000, that is, members of the tobacco-free generation.
• Prevent the supply of tobacco products by licensed tobacco sellers, or
their agents, to members of the tobacco-free generation.
• Provide that members of the tobacco-free generation must not give
false identification to tobacco sellers and there would be a penalty for
doing so.
• NOT prevent members of the tobacco-free generation from smoking, or
attempting to purchase tobacco products. Members of the tobacco-free
generation would not incur any penalties for smoking.
• NOT prevent friends and family from giving tobacco products, such as
cigarettes, to members of the tobacco-free generation, however, they
must not SELL tobacco products to the tobacco-free generation.
• NOT prevent “botting” of cigarettes by members of the tobacco-free
generation. They would be able to acquire cigarettes from another
person other than a retailer or agent and would not incur any penalties
for doing so.

Do these adults not have a right to make their own choices?

3. Australian Consumers Should Not Pay Extra at Supermarkets for Unnecessary Halal Certified Foods

Australian consumers are paying extra at the supermarkets to pay for unnecessary Halal Certification to Muslims. Approximately 98% of the food we purchase is Halal Certified. The companies pay Muslims large sums of money for this certification. It must be noted that the Koran DOES NOT state that these foods need certification. It is purely a money making scheme by Muslims which we Australians end up paying extra for.

NOTE ... these foods include Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns, Bread, Milk (except A2) and there are thousands more items added to this list. The products are not usually marked and if they are it is very difficult to find on the packaging. Let's start with one company, Cadburys Dairy Chocolate, and ban buying their chocolate until they stop this certification.

4. Action is needed by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India to safegaurd the interest of the investors and consumers

Some serious scams are happening in our country including corporate frauds. The latest is the chit fund fraud of the sharda group in the state of west bengal along with the other serious frauds happening across the country where huge public money is being lost. As an institute specialized in accounting, why an action is not being initiated from the institute’s side to safeguard the interest of the “AAM AADMI”.

Even the way the electricity bills and oil prices are increasing, its becoming very difficult for the consumers to take the extra burden now and therefore the cost audit reports which are prepared by the cost accountants should be informed to public so that the public can know the actual cost of the products which the people are consuming.

People who support the view and want this to reach the president of our institute and the other concerned authorities may sign the petition.
I request all the people to sign and circulate this petition.

5. Get Fry's frozen vegan food into Sainsbury's

Consumers choose foods free of animal products for many reasons. Scientific evidence suggests the production of plant-based food contributes significantly less to environmental damage and climate change than animal farming.

Many religions require devotees to adhere to meat and dairy free diets during certain celebrations. People often choose a diet free of animal products for ethical reasons as they don't agree with modern factory farming methods. Health is another major factor. A plant-based diet is completely free from cholesterol.

With plant-based food choices becoming increasingly popular amongst UK consumers, it is time for major food suppliers such as Sainsbury's to answer this call for more vegan choices in their aisles. Brands such as Quorn and Linda McCartney have monopolised UK stores but very few of their items cater to people who want animal-free food.

Sign the petition to urge Sainsbury's to carry vegan food. The petition will be sent to Sainsbury's on your behalf.

You can also email the following Sainsbury's contact to strengthen your request: Frozen Meat Buyer

6. We Have A Right To Know

Many of us purchase Items online or over the phone, with the limited information given to us from the on air presentation, it is not until we get the product home and can look at it ourselves that we see, it may contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to certain people.

We believe that if this information was readily available on the TVSN web site, it would save us all a lot of time, money and inconvenience.

7. Stop the PAYPAL ripoff

We as U.S. citizens trying to make money to offset this economy, have turned to selling our personal belongings on ebay. We are forced to open Paypal Accounts.

Paypal will not give us our money that we make. They also go into our bank accounts and take money out unauthorized. People are losing thousands of dollars.

8. We Say No To Telephony Companies' Sub-Standard Service

We the mobile telephone consumers of Ghana have embarked on a demonstration to protest the sub-standard services being offered by the mobile telephony companies in Ghana. This demonstration has become necessary because these companies have turned deaf ears to numerous complaints from individual consumers and the collective voices through the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA).

The time has now come for consumers to demonstrate and send a clear signal to the mobile companies that Ghanaians will no longer tolerate the shoddy services by these companies. By this petition we are inviting the Government through the Ministry of Communications and and the National Communications Authority to swiftly intervene to ensure that the following cocktail of consumer complaints are addressed without further delay;

1. GHANAIANS DEMAND PORTABILITY NOW BUY NOT IN 2 YEARS AS ANNOUNCED A FEW MONTHS AGO (right to switch between networks & still keep our numbers)






9. Stop Plastic Pollution

We go through 380 billion plastic bags a year. An estimated 5.2% get recycled; in landfills, they could last 1,000 years. Bags are made from oil, and our bag habit costs us 1.6 billion gallons of oil each year. That last statistic, and its link to global warming, is starting to drive change.

The new bags are expensive--they cost between 5 and 10 cents apiece, while plastic costs between 1 and 4 cents. But the big downside to these bags is that they decompose only in a commercial composting facility, which most cities don't have. Within the dry confines of a landfill, compostable bags will act just like plastic, And they don't decompose in ocean water, creating a giant toilet that doesn't flush.

Target bags list 10 ideas for reuse, letting the company lean green by asking customers to do their bit for the earth. Among the suggestions: "tiny trash-can liner" (#1), kitty-litter liner (#8), and tomorrow's lunch bag (#9). There are no incentives to reduce bag use, though; the bags suggest that you're cool if you reuse them.

That's not recycling and how many people actually read the bags?

10. Refrigeration units in Utah State liquor stores

Consumers are tired of paying a premium in Utah for beer that has gone bad!

The Utah legislature mandated that the UDABC be operated as a public business using sound management principles and practices. What other business could sell a limited and spoiled product at a price that exceeds competitors or other markets? None!

The UDABC acknowledges the “perishable nature and susceptibility to temperature changes”, as found in their (R81-2-2, Liquor Returns, Refunds and Exchanges) rules and policies, and will not allow these items to be returned (with few exceptions). However, they will sell Utahans “heavy beer” that has been exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time.

Many people in Utah drink beer. The net profit of the UDABC in amount of $53,181,640 in ’07 can attest to this. Now let’s give these people an opportunity to get good beer from the channels that have been given to them, and stop allowing the UDABC to promote illegal transportation and consumption of out of state beer.

11. Petition in support of GE

General Electric is an outstanding company, and has been for over 125 years. Motivated and inspired by Thomas Edison, the company has been recently helping countries and people all across the world.

GE not only contributes to the medical field, the first company to ever be assigned to its 50,000th patient, but also helps developing countries and war veterans. GE values creativity and imaginative thinking trying to improve the world one step at a time. GE makes environmentally friendly products, which are also energy efficient.

By exploring alternative energy sources and reducing gas emission by 30% this company is making great strides. The expansive growth in other countries also contributes to opening new jobs and markets to people in need. GE follows the principles in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, meaning they believe in fair conduct of all workers and taking steps to make that happen by taking special precautions for its workers, making an environmentally safe and impact free work environment. GE is also the lead provider in advanced medical equipment, making them a necessity around the world.

GE, this year, has donated 2.1 million dollars to different organizations helping in Darfur. Overall, GE contributions to Africa exceed 20 million dollars. Each year, hundreds of employees from GE gather together to make communities better. These projects take place here in the U.S and over seas.

The employees reach over 1 million hours of volunteer work throughout the year, helping to once again better our communities. GE has started a Volunteers foundation, which works with local charity organizations and local communities. Recently GE has coordinated Paintfest, the largest volunteer effort ever underway.

By painting hospitals and clinics GE employees teach their customers to imagine. As well as numerous hours of volunteer work, GE also has a Disaster Relief Fund. GE has also been helping to “clean up” Asian countries. They have started projects to help clean up the rivers. GE also employees over 6,000 veterans providing for those who have served our country.

GE is very helpful to not only the United States, but countries all over the world. They provide, help, and give to those in need and have been for over 125 years. Not only does GE serve the medical and appliance industry, but they serve the people.

12. The Improved SA-CD Drives Campaign

Many Sony SA-CD players and other makes of SA-CD players that contain Sony drives, have exhibited mechanical problems. Many of these players contain drives that have over-heating issues resulting in poor performance and frequent servicing.

We are pleased with the SA-CD format and want Sony Corporation to make SA-CD players worldwide that have Sony drives in them that are reliable, sturdy, heat-resistant and of high quality.

We look forward to a public response from the Sony Corporation.

13. New Legislation for Credit Reporting Agencies

Requested Legislation for Requirements of Credit Reporting Agencies

The three major credit reporting agencies are partially responsible for the housing crisis in this country and it is time that the Federal Government make them more responsible for their actions.

They have set some guidelines with The Fair Debt Collection Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but there is much more that needs to be done to hold these agencies accountable.


1. Credit reporting agencies are not held liable for inaccurate information on your credit report. They are required to remove it if they can not prove the information is accurate. However, they don’t send the consumer detailed proof of their investigation. They only tell the consumer that the information was verified. There is no penalty enforced for inaccurate information, therefore there is no motivation to verify the information or remove it. In fact, the credit reporting agencies are paid by the companies to post the information on a consumer’s credit report.

2. Credit reporting agencies distort information about late payments. They will list that you had a late payment on your credit report indefinitely, even if a consumer has held the account for 20 years and was only late on one payment 16 years ago. This provides an inaccurate portrayal of the consumer’s credit worthiness and artificially lowers the consumer’s credit score.

3. Credit reporting agencies do not verify the original date of a debt that has gone to collection. A debt that has gone to collection should be kept on a credit report for only 7 years plus 180 days from the date of original default on payment. The credit reporting agency will list the item as a new debt from the date the collection company purchases the debt. This occurs over and over as a debt is bought and sold by various collection companies. This artificially lowers the consumer’s credit score.

4. When a consumer disputes a debt on their credit report, the credit reporting agency only lists that the consumer disputes the debt. They do not list the exact words of the consumer. This does not provide the consumer the ability to properly defend themselves regarding inaccurate information on their report.

5. Credit reporting agencies list collections for medical bills. Medical information is not disclosed, but the collection account for a medical bill is disclosed. This is against the privacy rights of the consumer.

6. Collection agencies are not required to verify the accuracy of a collection account before posting the debt on a consumer’s credit report. This allows inaccurate information to be posted that artificially lowers the consumer’s credit score.

14. New Combined Downtown Davenport Community Farmers' Market

Two existing farmers markets current operate on down town levee area of Davenport, Iowa.

RiverCity Farmers Market, operates on the westside of the parking lot, which is headed by Luann Cedillo and a board of three others.

Mississippi Valley Growers Association, operating on the eastside of said parking lot, wich is headed by Jane Weber and a board of seven others that is self-perpetuated.

Neither of these markets allow their vendors to vote on issues that affect them or to even be at meetings that pertain to them.

Vendors are only notified of any said rules of change until board feel it necessary to let them know.

15. Save Wal-Mart's Fabric Department at Jacksonville, Florida

While shopping on Thursday, December 21, 2006 in our local Walmart Store located at 6830 Normandy Blvd, in Jacksonville, Florida, 32205, in their fabric department, I commented to one of the employees that I was so grateful and glad that Walmart provided such an affordable and well-stocked fabric department.

I was informed that soon after the 1'st of the year (2007) the fabric department was being closed. Dismayed and extremely upset, I spoke with the Assistant Manager on duty that day, and he verified that they had just received notification of the pending closure.


While shopping in the latter part of December, at the Yulee, Florida Walmart Super Center, located just outside of Fernandina Beach, Florida, we were informed by an employee that parties in the fabric department had been given information that a large number of pending closures/substanitial changes were coming to Walmart fabric departments across the country. This information did not come from a store manager and therefore could be construed as unreliable and hearsay. The only reason that we're passing it along is because in the event that it IS true, we feel it's valuable information with regard to our petition.

16. Allow Maximum Permissible Ethanol in Australia

South Australian Farmers Fuel Pty Ltd (SAFF) continues to lead the way in the production and distribution of Biofuels throughout rural and regional Australia.

SAFF is endeavoring to provide to consumers E85 Biopetrol (a blend of 15% petrol and 85% fuel alcohol produced from wheat and grape waste).

Ethanol-blended fuels will reduce Australia’s dependence on imported petroleum. The introduction of ethanol-blended fuels will also provide an economic boost to Australia’s rural economies and assist improvement to the environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel-alcohol blended fuels are cleaner, renewable and has superior fuel economy to Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). The retail price of E85 Biopetrol to Australian consumers will be only slighter greater than LPG.

17. End the sale of robbie williams tickets by scalpers

June 11, 2006

If these people who are selling robbie tickets on ebay are not fans and they are selling the tickets, they are wanting to profit from him.

People who are true fans have missed out on buying these tickets.

18. Consumer choices and no-compete clauses

January 27, 2006

Consumers are suffering due to no-compete clauses that agencies serving people with disabilities have in the hiring process.

I believe that a no-compete clause is stating ownership of that consumer and their choices to keep their respective providers if they choose.

As an agency we do not ask an employee to sign a no-compete ourselves. All consumers deserve the right to be informed if picking a provider that has to sign a no-compete clause. Where does a no-compete clause help a client that is bonded to a provider that has mental health issues, behavioral issues, major health issues?

What about the consumers and families that have waited years to find a decent provider and loose that provider to a no-compete clause? If you beleive that a no-compete clause is infringing on the rights of the consumers please sign this petition.

19. Boycott Heinz Ketchup and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!

December 20, 2005

Why should we give money to leftist organazations like these?

Ever since Teresa Heinz Kerry stabbed her parents in the back and married that leftist John Kerry, she has been riding on the money from her ketchup business. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is consistently against the job we are trying to do in Iraq.

In order to choke off left wing businesses like these we must not give them money!

Boycott both Heinz ketchup and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!

20. Bring Back the Newton!

The Apple Newton Messagepad was one of the first few handhelds out on the market in 1997. Sadly, Newton (a spinoff of Apple) was short-lived, dying out in 1998-1999, and ending Apple's dreams for the PDA market.

I believe the time is ripe for another attempt. I say that Apple should restart Newton, and build a better, easier to use, and universal PDA for the mobile market, better than all those out there currently.

21. Legalize the consumption of Dog Meat in California

Please add your signature to this petition to Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. The consumption of dogmeat is currently illegal in California. This discriminates against dog-meat consumers, although the consumption of other meats, e.g. pork, chicken, veal etc. is legal. Please help us to end this inconsistency.

22. Nextel MO-SMS

We the Subscribers, Petition Nextel to offer Consumers the ability to send and receive Mobile Oriented Text Messages; it is a great inconvenience to use the "NET" option to send and receive Two way messages.

23. AntiSEVS

In May 2003 SEVS will come into full effect, further regulating the importation of cars. At an informative conference hosted by DOTRS, it was openly stated that this new legislation was designed to discourage consumers and directly limit the number of vehicles imported. The creation of a closed vehicle market is a great disfavour to the People, and runs contrary to the Australian philosophy of international free trade.

AntiSEVS wishes to see the SEVS scheme re-evaluated and designed to complement Australia's local automobile market.

24. All Marshmallow Cereal Petition

Curiosity yields exploration, exploration yields discovery. It is human nature to be curious; it is our curiosity that has led us to achieve all that we have in society. Everything from airplanes to the latest running shoes for Olympic athletes are due to human minds exploring the unknown. There are few things in this world that remain unchanged for more than 10 years. And most consumer goods are changed every year to offer the public something new and better. However one area that has remained relatively unchanged since my childhood is the cereal aisle. Sure, there are gimmicks every now and then; Captain Crunch and his "OOPS: All Berries" or "OOPS: Chocolate Donuts" are good examples But are these new or just a rehash of a breakfast standard that has been around since most of us can remember? It is outrageous that while the world around us advances in ways most of us could never imagine we are forced to start our day with the same foods that people started their days with 30 years ago. I believe that it is time for someone to make a cereal for the future, a cereal for the new millennium and I believe that it is clear what that cereal must be. When you are eating a bowl of Lucky Charms what is the best part? It's the marshmallows! And who hasn't, at one point in their life, taken a box of a cereal containing marshmallows and made a bowl of just the marshmallows? I know I have, NUMEROUS times. So, why isn't there an alternative? Why hasn't one of the giants of the cereal industry listened to what we, the consumers, want and taken that next great step in cereal technology? Perhaps we have not been vocal enough as consumers but, with your help we can change that. Upon receiving 5000 signatures this petition shall be sent to all of the major cereal manufacturers out there and perhaps someday we will be able to enjoy a nice breakfast consisting of marshmallows and nothing else. Please tell anyone that you believe is interested in a future of flavor and goodness to sign this. Thank you and God bless America.

25. Boycott Lexmark

This petition and boycott was created to inform all consumers about a printer company known as Lexmark. As you may know, Lexmark has a very negative record for providing quality and reliable printers to consumers. Whether it be problems with USB, Ink Prices, Poor Print Quality, Poor Performance, Speed, Customer Service, Box Contents etc.., Lexmark does not appear to be striving to make things any better. I urge all of you who read this, to boycott Lexmark. Tell your Family, Friends and others that this all printers from Lexmark are no good pieces of disposable material. A complete waste of money and time! There are many of you who know about this. I urge you to sign this petition, and boycott Lexmark completely. If they can't make a descent, working, reliable product overall and improve support, they should not have the satisfaction of customers buying their products and have customers be ripped off.

26. Medal of Honor Online Anti-Cheat

We as consumers and part of the international online "Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault(TM)" gaming community, express our intention of boycotting the PC CDROM title "Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead(TM)" published by Electronic Arts.

Since the initial release of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault(TM), a thriving
community of players has developed. This community has now grown to include
thousands of online gamers who regularly join multiplayer servers via the in game browser, GameSpy Arcade or any other 3rd party software.
Despite this, the Publisher/Developers of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault(TM)
have declined to include an Anti-Cheat for this game, which is riddled with
many 3rd party cheats and hacks such as aimbots, weapons no recoil, see
through wallhacks, no fog, no bushes and trees, and many others...

Punkbuster (, a developer of anti-cheat software
is willing to develop an anti-cheat system, but only can do so if EA is
interested in PunkBuster.

We understand the Expansion pack (which includes multiplayer maps) doesn't
include any official form of online anti-cheat, the reason for expressing
our intention to boycott this title.

27. Allow EchoStar DirectTV Merger

I am writing to you today as a current satellite TV subscriber who would like to add my voice of support to the pending merger of EchoStar and DIRECTV. The combination of these two satellite providers will provide numerous benefits to consumers like me, including more choices in channels, programming, broadband and new television technologies.

By merging, the combined company will be a much stronger competitor to cable television and can offer more programming choices and, most importantly, all local TV channels in every market in the U.S. By providing local TV channels everywhere, this merger will make satellite television a strong alternative to cable in our community. Throughout the country, people will now be able to turn to satellite TV to access their local news, weather and community information, in addition to a comprehensive package of national video programming. But just as exciting, the merger will bring the availability of affordable high-speed Internet service by satellite to over 40 million Americans who don't have high-speed Internet access. These tremendous benefits to consumers won't happen without the merger. Satellite-delivered Internet service will bring an affordable and competitive alternative to cable modems and DSL to consumers in big cities, small towns and rural areas alike. This will give me a competitive choice for Internet access and will be especially advantageous to rural communities where cable modems and DSL are not likely to be available anytime in the near future.

In the interest of improving our access to competitive television and Internet service, I urge you to lend your support to this merger.


We, citizens of Europe, ask our representatives in the European Parliament to vote in favour of a European law which will protect European consumers.

This law forces computer manufacturers to supply the operating system on a media (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) separate from the computer's hardware. Furthermore, this law adds minimal rights concerning the use of operating systems: the operating system must be used on a single computer, but this computer may change over time; the operating system may be installed and used on a laptop computer if the user already owns a licence for a desktop computer. This law must guarantee that the individual has the right to choose, freely, his or her operating system and the computer in which that operating system will be used.

This measure must allow the consumers to reinstall the operating system under the following conditions:

- my hard drive has been destroyed and I have to buy a new one;

- I'm buying a new computer and I certify that my old computer is disabled and that it has not been sold or given to a third party.

We recognise that software publishers have the right to protect themselves against software piracy, but not at the expense of the citizens. They must find a way to counter software piracy which does not have a negative impact on the citizens.

Let's collect 100,000 signatures in United Kingdom, in Ireland, and more than ONE million in Europe.

You should state

your name,
the place of residence of each petitioner. in English

1 Français FR 2 Nederlands NL
3 Deutsch DE 4 Español ES
5 English EN 6 iIaliano IT 7 Potuguês PT 8 Suomi FI

9 Svenska SV 10 NORSK NO
11 Dansk DA 12 Türkçe

29. Stop the Credit Card Rip Off

Credit card companies charge the retailers rates of around 3% of the sale of goods and services. This results in higher prices for to all consumers who receive only a token of the proceeds in rewards schemes.