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1. Bring Back Oero O's cereal!

Back in 1998 Oero O's cereal came out and it was one of the best cereals I ever had but lived too short of a life in my opinion, I know so many people on YouTube and social media websites that loved this cereal and would buy and eat this again.

It could be a good money maker for you guys also, so I am asking you guys to consider bringing this cereal back.


2. Bring Back Kaboom Cereal

Kaboom Cereal was introduced in 1969. Until recently it was discontinued in 2010 .Kaboom was the name of a vitamin fortified, circus-themed breakfast cereal produced by General Mills, which contains grain-flavored corn cereal bits shaped like smiling clown faces and marshmallow bears, lions, elephants, and stars.

It's mascot is a smiling circus clown. Known primarily as a breakfast cereal of the 1970s and 1980s.

3. Bring back Corn Pops to Australia 2013

Corn Pops is a breakfast cereal that was popular in the 1990's in australia and then it was pulled off the shelves and never sold again, I still remember it's awesome flavour and wish to have it back again.

4. Kelloggs: Bring back Pokemon Cereal

I received an email back from Kelloggs saying if there was enough interest they'd make a large effort to bring the cereal back, so I'm taking it upon myself to try.

5. Bring Back Chocolate Lucky Charms!

Chocolate Lucky Charms was the greatest cereal ever. It's been discontinued and we need to come together as a public to BRING IT BACK NOW!!!

6. Change Cap'n Crunch back

We need to have Captain Crunch's face changed back to the way it was.

Cap'n Crunch is a product line of sweetened corn and oat breakfast cereals introduced in 1963 and manufactured by Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo since 2001.

7. Increase the box size of Weet-Bix Kids

Currently Sanitarium only produces Weet-Bix Kids in the 375g boxes, yet with Weet-Bix Original, it comes in varying sizes.

We want them to make Weet-Bix Kids available in different sizes also.

8. Bring back French toast crunch cereal!

I've searched the internet and ended up at the general mills website. It is to my understanding that general mills does not sell French toast crunch any more.

Other sources say that French toast crunch cereal are sold in other regions of the United States but I have yet to find a box in New Jersey.

9. Bring Back Lucky Charms To The U.K.

I want to get General Mills cereal company to bring back the old favourite cereal, of nearly anyone born in the 80's or 90's, to the U.K where they stopped producing it.

10. Stop Noises From Industrial Park

Since 2005, Cereal Ingredients has operated a plant in the light industrial park located north of 10th and Eisenhower road. The area is suppose to be for light industrial use.

Instead the plant has operated on an irregular basis making high-pitched heavy industrial noises even during the quiet hours of the evening. The city officials and plant owners understand that noise is a problem but neither wish to address the problem.

11. All Marshmallow Cereal Petition

Curiosity yields exploration, exploration yields discovery. It is human nature to be curious; it is our curiosity that has led us to achieve all that we have in society. Everything from airplanes to the latest running shoes for Olympic athletes are due to human minds exploring the unknown. There are few things in this world that remain unchanged for more than 10 years. And most consumer goods are changed every year to offer the public something new and better. However one area that has remained relatively unchanged since my childhood is the cereal aisle. Sure, there are gimmicks every now and then; Captain Crunch and his "OOPS: All Berries" or "OOPS: Chocolate Donuts" are good examples But are these new or just a rehash of a breakfast standard that has been around since most of us can remember? It is outrageous that while the world around us advances in ways most of us could never imagine we are forced to start our day with the same foods that people started their days with 30 years ago. I believe that it is time for someone to make a cereal for the future, a cereal for the new millennium and I believe that it is clear what that cereal must be. When you are eating a bowl of Lucky Charms what is the best part? It's the marshmallows! And who hasn't, at one point in their life, taken a box of a cereal containing marshmallows and made a bowl of just the marshmallows? I know I have, NUMEROUS times. So, why isn't there an alternative? Why hasn't one of the giants of the cereal industry listened to what we, the consumers, want and taken that next great step in cereal technology? Perhaps we have not been vocal enough as consumers but, with your help we can change that. Upon receiving 5000 signatures this petition shall be sent to all of the major cereal manufacturers out there and perhaps someday we will be able to enjoy a nice breakfast consisting of marshmallows and nothing else. Please tell anyone that you believe is interested in a future of flavor and goodness to sign this. Thank you and God bless America.