#Law Reform
Reverse the New Alcohol Restrictions in NSW

In October, Premier Nathan Rees announced new alcohol restrictions to try and kerb alcohol fueled violence and excessive drinking in 48 bars/pubs/clubs across NSW.

These restrictions are:
-2am to 5am lockout
-No Alcohol is to be served within 30 minutes of closing
After Midnight:
-Drinks are not to be served in glass containers
-A Limit of 4 Alcoholic drinks per person are allowed
-There will be a 10 minute time-out every hour where no alcohol will be served

This is not a petition that condones excessive drinking, rather this petition is so the government can understand that all these restrictions will do is disadvantage the responsible drinkers and push the irresponsible drinkers to consume the same amount of alcohol in a shorter period of time, buy their drinks prior to the time out so they can consume it during the time out and then purchase another when it is finished. Have all their shots before midnight, and take a friend when they want to buy their drinks.

Why doesn’t the Government spend their time and money upholding the Responsible Service of Alcohol laws that the licensed premises are meant to abide by?

Why don’t we penalise the licensed premises for continuing to serve the drunk and disorderly with alcohol instead of penalising the responsible?

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