We, as academics and scientists, anxiously follow the recent cross-border incidents that have been taking place between Turkey and Syria. We may disagree about the particular dynamics of the turmoil in Syria; however, we strongly agree that any foreign intervention is not the answer.

We believe that military interference in Syria will contribute to the escalating tension between the countries in the region as well as among their international allies. Considering the disorder in Syria and the current fragile political balance in the region, we are tremendously concerned that these critical actions against Syria will lead to more casualties within the country and trigger further wars in the Middle East.

Wars kill people, destroy millions of lives and deteriorate living conditions of the poor and lower strata; but also demolish world’s cultural heritage, historical resources, and intellectual accumulation of thousands of years and leave permanent damage on public health and ecology. We witnessed, with sorrow, the most recent example of a cruel demolition of this sort during the occupation of Iraq.

Therefore, we object Turkey’s ongoing aggressive policy and any possible NATO operation in Syria. We are against any foreign operation that violates the Syrian people's right of self-determination. Herein, we call for world's attention to the wide-spread and strong anti-war sentiments of the people in Turkey, contrary to the deceitful representations of the international mainstream media.

In this regard, we, the undersigned scientists and academics all around the world, believe that the ongoing conflict can be resolved by giving Syrian people a chance to negotiate their problems free from any foreign intervention.

We are certain that the people of the Middle East will benefit from exerting constructive, diplomatic tools instead of being imposed destructive ones. The people's quest for peace deserves to be respected.

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