#Law Reform
UEFA and the European Council.

Dr. Clifford Stott of the School of Pschology, University of Liverpool has filed several reports on policing, crowd dynamics and Public order at International football tournaments.

His findings supported the idea that a specific style of policing is required in order for football supporters to behave appropriately. If implemented by police across Europe at football matches, violence amongst football fans will drop dramatically.

Policing at football matches in England is of a very high standard. These techniques need to be taught to police in other areas of Europe. By introducing a uniform style of policing at football matches across Europe, policing would have to follow strict guidelines and meet certain standards.

Recent events in Italy indicate why a uniformed style of policing needs to be implemented across Europe. A policeman was killed during riots between Catania and Palermo. Better policing techniques could have prevented violence from escalating to such a level.

Other deaths will occur across Europe unless action is taken. That is why this petition is so important.

We, the undersigned, call on UEFA and the European Council to devise a uniformed style of policing at professional football matches across Europe. We ask for all policing at football matches across Europe to follow the same strict guidelines and meet neccessary standards before matches can take place.

Sanctions must be given against football clubs, football associations and police autorities which break guidelines and don't meet required standards.

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