Company Executives and the Human Resource Department
United States of America

In an effort to reduce the rise of on the job injuries, and to also establish the Four Winds Casino as a company who is advancing the cause of environmental awareness, the beverage staff of the Four Winds Casino would like to submit into writing a petition requesting shortened work-weeks with extended working hours for scheduled shifts.

The request is two-fold and is stated as follows:

1. We believe an established four-day work week with 9 or 10 hour days per shift for full-time employees will provide the beverage staff with a needed reprieve to obtain proper physical rest especially after so many consecutive business promotions. These promotions are vital to the success of the company, so being properly rested would be nothing but advantageous to the company as a whole and the beverage servers especially will have more time to rest their arms, backs, wrists and legs so they may be more productive on the floor.

We believe that by shortening the work week, not only will the above conditions create a more productive team, but there will be less call-offs. Multiple call-offs have been the result of extreme fatigue especially during casino promotions. The lack of appropriate staff has not only resulted in an inability to ensure exceptional guest service to our patrons, but beverage employees are already experiencing "burnout" which we believe can be combated once the work-week is condensed.

2. By decreasing the five-day work week to a four-day work week, the Four Winds Casino will be instrumental in promoting environmental awareness as employees will no longer be required to drive in on day number five to work a four-hour shift before receiving an early-out.

We believe that with gas prices increasing and environmental conditions being a factor, bringing people in to work to send them home four hours later is economically wasteful and environmentally unfriendly.

We, the undersigned, call upon the company executives and the Human Resource Department of the Four Winds Casino to condense the five-day work week to a scheduled four-day work week for full-time beverage employees, with the actual shift time to be either 9 hours or 10 hours per shift.

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