Footbal fans who stand and sing behind the goals

A petition for a better Australian Home End for Socceroos matches.

A football team’s home end should be the focal point of support for that team. It should be filled with loud voices and songs of encouragement. It should be visually impressive. It should be a source of inspiration to the home side and intimidating to the opposition.

We the undersigned are a group of concerned Socceroo supporters from around the country who believe that the Australian Home End created by the FFA, while well-intentioned, is not fulfilling its potential.

We recommend FFA works with Australia's Home End fans by implementing the following measures:

1. Create a new ticket category for this section known as "Home End Standing Section".

2. Price the new ticket category slightly higher than the cheapest category.

3. Name all relevant bays behind the goals "Home End Standing Section".

4. Make the entire "Home End" General Admission rather than allocated seating.

5. Not give any group, fan, event management organisation or otherwise special treatment in the Home End.

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