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May 16, 2006

We need a complete release of the Complete scores to the Prequel Trilogy.

The Ultimate Edition of Episode I was a slap in the face and to this date, no attempt at releasing anything more for Episode II or III is planned.

John Williams spent years of his life writing beautiful scores for the Star Wars films and when George Lucas went back and made the prequels, he called mysrto back to work on them as well.

To date, an honest attempt at releasing the complete recordings has not been made. Episode I's UE was a slap in a face and because of that, it did poorly.

With the problemsw ith the Return of the Jedi score masters being lost (a score written in the 80s!), it would be a great travesty for such a loss to be repeated.

The Scores should be released in their entirety, now, while they are still available and still in use.

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