All Minecraft SMP server operators

Hello, fellow Minecraft players!

We would like to bring to your attention the increasing pandemic of griefer attacks. According to the Minecraft Wiki, "Griefing is the act of ruining large or very noticeable portions of other people's creations on a multiplayer Creative or Survival server. It is frowned upon by the majority of Minecraft users because it ruins many hours of work and makes maps untidy. In best case scenarios, the griefer is quickly removed from the server and their damage is trivial to repair. At worst, griefing can destroy an entire server if it does not have backups available."

They have destroyed many of our precious creations in SMP, and desecrated thousands upon thousands of servers. Therefore, we have started the Minecraft Griefer War of 2011. Our goal is to ban as many griefers as possible, and make sure they do not return to ruin our creations. We wish to destroy this pandemic that has been plaguing the Minecraft world since multiplayer servers ever existed. We wish not to destroy other people's creations, to not taint their beautiful work, and to punish those who dare destroy, and have destroyed the precious things we have built.

If you wish to see a griefer in action without destroying any of your creations, go to this video:

We, the undersigned, are willing to join the Minecraft Griefer War of 2011, whose purpose is to ban all griefers from all multiplayer servers, period.

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