Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich
United States of America

Every generation has to pick its leaders. Its hero. It movements. This is the time we claim what is ours! The current generation of young adults have the passion, ingenuity, the tools and the opportunity to accomplish this goal.

The time is now. To break enormous political barriers that exist in the current electoral system. A system which favors candidates that have the backing of only the two major parties and the backing of billions of dollars to fuel their campaigns. These billions are essentially bribes to direct policy.

These two men are out casts in their parties. Essentially they are true liberals and true conservatives. Ones who actually are true in their values of why they choose to label themselves liberal or conservative.

We, the undersigned, Pledge our support in a grass roots movement to get independent candidate to the seat of President/Vice President in the 2012 elections.

Paul to restore our constitutional rights. And Kucinich to restore our values of liberty.

Paul to bring his non-interventionist stance into our foreign policies and military departments. And Kucinich to establish the department of peace.

Paul to balance the budget. Kucinich to improve and the assistance programs.

2012 could be the year of balance and restoration. It could be a year for national unity. It could just be a year for a new Peaceful direction.

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