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Zynga Games, Inc.
United States of America

Around the beginning of September, 2010, players of Zynga's Yoville discovered a glitch involving Mystery Deals which players could send to their friends through social networking site, Facebook.

The glitch allowed players to click more than once, sometimes up to thousands of times on one offer. Players would use this method to build up millions of coins or hundreds to thousands of yocash (an in-game form of revenue that players must pay real money to gain.)

Yocash was one of the biggest temptations for players to turn to this glitch, as our baffled economies combined with the fact that lately in Yoville, a player cannot buy a bed, couch, toilet, hairstyle or hat without the use of yocash.

This petition exists to encourage Zynga Games, Inc. to step forward and communicate with the players as well as remove the IP bans they have placed in result to this mystery deal glitch.

It should be stated that a ban should not take place to begin with since it was never brought to attention that such activities were ever against the rules to begin with. A simple "Please do not click more than once" or a "Limited ONE per person" would have sufficed as fair enough warning, but we received absolutely no warning. Other methods of "punishment" are surely available such as removing the obtained yocash/items from these accounts or even moving the yocash/coin amounts back to 0 while allowing players to keep their accounts.

Many players were wrongly banned as well so we are asking everyone to step up and stand together in unity. If hundreds or thousands sound out our battlecry together, then Zynga is sure to hear us and listen to the voice of reason we are asking them to.

Let it be said now that this petition was started by someone who absolutely loves playing Yoville and means not to harm Zynga but instead to protect and defend myself and my fellow players.

This is a time for Yoville players to stand together in unity and let our voices be heard.

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