Dan Singer, Ojai City Manager
United States of America
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A proposed asphalt recycling plant may soon be located in Casitas Springs, CA, if it is not stopped.

This plant will result in pollution to the air as well as increased truck traffic. The average number of truck trips would be 106 per day, and the peak daily number could reach as high as 672.

Air quality will be impacted by the truck traffic as well as emissions from the actual operation, including hazardous particulate matter.

The surrounding area is known for its clean air and beautiful mountain surroundings.

We wish to respectfully express our desire to stop the building of the proposed asphalt recycling plant in Casitas Springs, CA and any nearby location. Ojai and its neighboring towns are recognized for their healthy environments, and are world renowned for their air quality and the quality of the total environment. We need to maintain this area in as close to its natural state as possible. An asphalt recycling plant would be a major detriment to the environment Ojai residents and visitors have enjoyed in this location for centuries, in terms of the impact on the environment from both pollution and increased traffic.

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