Councillor Graham Chapman
United Kingdom

Haywood School in Sherwood, Nottingham will close unless parents and residents of Sherwood do something about it now.

We need you to support the education authority's alternative plan to re-build the school - if you don't Haywood will close.

Do you want your children to be able to walk safely to a school on your doorstep or have to travel miles out of the area?

Do you want £2 million pounds a year taken out of the local economy?

Do you want businesses to suffer, house prices to fall?

We need to rebuild our local school NOT lose it!

Please sign our petition.

We believe the local council should stop plans to close our school. We think Haywood school is an important part of the local community & is the most improved school in the city.
Students at Haywood should not have to travel miles to get to school.
We call on Nottingham City Council to stop the closure plan of Haywood School.

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