The Hon. Eric Michael ROOZENDAAL, BA LLB MLC

A person can be imprisoned for a period of time and be released early due to parole but a person who is disqualified from driving a vehicle dose not have this option regardless that it may be a much less serious offense.

If a person who has lost their license or driven whilst disqualified, and has not re-offended after a period of time, they should have the option to reduce their disqualification period and/or be able to obtain a restricted work license.

People make mistakes and people change and I believe that my submission is fair and just.

For people who have lost there license due to unfortunate extenuating circumstances or mistakes made out of character, we believe a one chance restricted work license be permitted and obtained with an application to a court, or of something similar.


For people who have been disqualified for periods greater than 3-5 years or more who have completed a 3rd of the disqualification period, afford the opportunity to apply to the court to have the disqualification period reduced, or to apply for a restricted probation license or of something similar.

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