#Human Rights
Robert E. Lee High School administration/Guidance Counselors
United States of America

Robert E. Lee High School is a public school located in Montgomery, Alabama. They have been given a bad reputation over the past few years but the school itself is wonderful and has many great people. Though, they do not have a Gay-Straight Alliance [GSA].

This petition is encouraging a GSA in the school to help those who must hide who they are, and those who have no one to turn to.

A GSA would create a safe and welcoming environment for students to go and be accepted openly regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It would also give students the chance to participate in LGBT community events such as the Day of Silence, National Coming Out Day, and No Name Calling Week.

The group itself doesn't even have to be named "Gay-Straight Alliance," due to the misconceptiont that this is only a dating service for LGBT teens.
Many other names are avaliable, such as "Project Rainbow," "Pride Alliance," "Common Ground," "Coexist", "Spectrum," or even the "Straight-Gay Alliance." It is possible to come up with other creative names, but these are simply suggestions.

As a sophmore attending Lee High School, and an LGBT teen myself, I personally feel there is no where to turn within the school for advice or solace. I feel alone and constantly question if maybe there are others like me? The idea for a GSA came to me because there might jsut be other students who seek help, or agree [even if they are straight] that LGBT people are equal and there should be no violence towards them. I am a member of the Lee P.A.W.S. Club which is all about animals, so I do have experience with clubs.

My ultimate goals for the GSA would be to promote acceptance throughout the school, prevent violence against other LGBT students, promote and encourage participation in fun and active events, notice those straight people who do accept LGBT people for who they are,and to give a safe place to LGBT students where they can come together for help, advice, and community activities.

We those who have signed, regardless of our location within the United States or other countries, support the forming of a Gay-Straight Alliance at Robert E. Lee High School. We believe that the Gay-Straight Alliance would:

*Promote acceptance
*Prevent violence
*Promote participation/fun events
*Notice the straight people accepting LGBTs
* & Give a safe place to LGBT students

While some of us may be straight and others of the LGBT community, we come together equally to request that a GSA be allowed to form at the school.

The GSA would create a legacy- something to pass down for each upcoming group of students. And we as people would like to see this student group founded.

We thank you, and leave our comments.

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