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1. Clean up Ballina's Beaches & Waterways

Ballina's beaches and waterways have been littered with debris & large logs from a previous cyclone (Debbie) since 31st March 2017.
East Coast Lows (ECL's) have also damaged our coastline following cyclone Debbie's brute force which saw many Queensland and NSW coastal towns battered by these events. It has been over four months and our beaches and waterways are still littered with logs and other debris which is giving our beautiful town a tarnished look.
Ballina Council dose not see it as a commitment in their budget to keep our beaches and waterways clean. At a recent Council meeting Ballina Council voted 5-4 AGAINST cleaning our beaches and waterways stating, and I quote, "Nature will take its coarse" and "there is no debris on our beaches" At Ballina Councils General meeting on 24th Aug. Councillors by way of a "vote" agreed to adopt a policy to adopt a policy to look at ways of keeping beaches and waterways clean. If Councillors interest in this motion was anything to go by, it could be years before anything is accomplished by Council. SO YOUR SUPPORT is needed to keep pressure on Council to prioritise the clean up.
Ballina has always boasted its clean pristine beaches and waterways. Tourists and locals have been put at risk with large logs and tree branches littering our beaches and waterways. They are a health as well as a safety risk to all who use our once beautiful beaches. Some residents and possibly tourists have taken it upon themselves to move logs and debris off the beaches to the foot of the sand dunes, but the debris is still visible and a real eyesore.

2. Pledge NOT To Travel To Florida For Recreation Or Business Until Former BAN Against Florida Black Bear Hunting Is RESTORED!

On October 24, 2015, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) – with the full support of the government of the State of Florida – essentially allowed “trophy hunters” to wage war against the peaceful and non-aggressive Florida Black Bear despite many months of passionate pleas by more than 175,000 concerned citizens. To add insult to injury, the FWC deceitfully labeled the event as “conservation.” What did these Bears do to warrant their destruction? Nothing! They had not killed a human or pet, nor had they harmed other wildlife or livestock. Worse yet, although the FWC established a “kill limit” of 320 Bears, as many as 400 to 500 Bears were MURDERED, many of whom were lactating mothers with cubs … some of which later died because they were too young to survive on their own. This MASSACRE made national headlines.

How could such a tragedy occur? First of all, the FWC sold 3,778 bear hunting licenses for just 320 Bears. With that many eager participants salivating for an opportunity to pose next to a fresh kill, the Bears didn’t stand a chance. Secondly, the hunting administration plans were created and implemented with such incompetence that two local hunting associations refused to attend the hunt and discouraged their members to do the same. Thirdly, countless numbers of Bears were lured onto private property and slaughtered there, then secretly carted away by hunters in order to avoid inspectors, who were comparatively small in number and completely overwhelmed by the management demands presented by several thousand motivated hunters. The FWC was repeatedly warned about the “Armageddon” their grossly inept hunting plans would cause to the Bears, but they simply did not care.

To make the GENOCIDAL HUNT legally possible, the FWC, with Governor Rick Scott’s tacit approval, terminated the 21-year ban against bear hunting. Despite a massive public outcry in opposition, the FWC took this action even though they publically admitted that the hunt would do little or NOTHING to prevent future altercations between the Bears and humans. The FWC also intentionally ignored the documented fact that because of fast-paced deforestation from residential and commercial construction, dramatic reductions in food supplies due to climate change, and an alarmingly high number of deaths due to vehicular collisions, Bear populations, believed by experts to already be at all-time lows, are already being aggressively reduced. Instead of employing the various non-lethal, “compassionate conservation” methods which have been scientifically proven to reduce or eliminate human-animal conflicts, as other jurisdictions have successfully done, the FWC has chosen the cruel and barbaric practice of allowing bloodthirsty “recreational hunters” to terrorize and KILL innocent, non-threatening Florida Black Bears.

What is the purpose of the hunt? FWC and Governor Scott’s have FALSELY claimed that the justification for the trophy hunt is that there are too many Black Bears and the concern that negative contacts with humans is higher. The real reason for the hunt is to placate commercial land developers who are interested in turning more and more of Florida’s vanishing pristine wilderness into commercial parks, hotels, high-priced housing, theme parks, fancy condominiums, shopping malls, and even fracking location – all in the name of PROFIT. And, of course, the wealthier that land developers become, the greater their election campaign contributions will be for those running for elected positions in the Florida Government.

SADLY, despite world condemnation regarding last year’s trophy hunt, the FWC is in the process of authorizing yet ANOTHER DIASTEROUS HUNT in October 2016 against the innocent and under-populated Florida Bear. Trophy hunters everywhere are waiting with bated breath so they can purchase new permits for another SLAUGHTER, which experts believe will result in a death toll even greater than last year’s. In the heartless pursuit of millions of dollars of tax revenue from a highly lucrative, multibillion dollar tourist industry, the Florida Government FALSELY peddles itself as a travel destination that supposedly respects and honors its wildlife and environment. They’re hoping that tourists and business travelers coming to Florida will simply IGNORE the systematic destruction of the bears, panthers, manatees and other wildlife creatures and their habitats. In other words, “spend your money and SHUT UP.”

To save the Florida Black Bear and their immensely important contribution to the environment, we must band together and DEMAND that the anti-hunting ban, which until last year, was working very well for 21 years for all stakeholders, be RESTORED. We must also advocate for the utilization of non-lethal, “compassionate” conservation techniques, instead of resorting to the simple-minded and grossly ignorant strategy of bear killing. In particular, non-residents with a concern for the protection and preservation of wildlife who have plans to travel to Florida for business or recreation need to MAKE THEIR VOICE HEARD and consider whether they are interested in contributing millions of dollars in tax revenue to a state government planning to KILL more Bears for the sake of land developers, despite the vast majority of its citizens OPPOSING the hunt.

3. Implement Service Quality Standards for Businesses in Singapore

Over the years, Singapore has become a popular destination for leisure, business and employment. With the influx of foreigners into Singapore, more jobs are created and thus benefits Singapore's economy. Being a First World country, many expectations are held such as stablility, technology and service quality.

However Singapore is lacking service quality as compared to various First World country counterparts. This is due to the increase in foreign workers in Singapore of more than 1.3 million (, more commonly seen in the service (including Food & Beverage) industry.

Although there are extreme minority exceptions, several reasons service quality expected from the people, locals and foreigners, is significantly diminished includes but not limited to, differences in culture, no loyalty towards Singapore, and low wage.

For Singapore to excel and grow further, our service quality standards needs to be improved and managed. Such as the Food Hygiene Standard from NEA, a Service Quality Standard (SQS) can rate a service provider accordingly. The advantages are twofold - improving Singapore's service quality, and challenging businesses to upgrade their employees.

This can be achieved through a star rating system (allowing customers to be informed of the quality of the service provider). The Director and assigned professional officers will conduct regular 'mystery shopping/dining' to access the rating. This will encourage businesses to improve their service if they do not wish to lose out to higher rated SQS businesses.

4. Please Keep Marmaris Alive! Bring back LongBeach

In November 2009 the Mayor of Marmaris,Turkey bulldozed Long Beach. A devastating tradgedy that shook Tourism in Turkey!

5. Robert Burns International, Prestwick Airport, Ayrshire Scotland

The 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birth it seemed the perfect time to change the name of "Glasgow Prestwick International Airport" in Scotland to "The Robert Burns International, Prestwick Airport".

The airport's position should be known internationally, as it is situated near Robert Burns' birth place, in what is known as Burns Country; in the south west of Scotland.

The airport sits about halfway between Glasgow and Turnberry (where the Open golf tournament is was held in 2009). The owners say that the word Glasgow is included so that businesses know where abouts in Scotland the airport is situated. In other words no-one knows where Burns Country is situated. Then isn't it time people did know where Burns Country is?

6. Bring Ryanair to Karlstad!

Ryanair have enquired to fly to Karlstad, but they need the local government to support them and then they will come!!

7. In Favor of Pleasant Meadows Transient Project on Oxbow Rd, Milford NY

January 04, 2006

This Petition is in favor of the Pleasant Meadows Transient project on Oxbow Rd in the Town Of Milford, NY. New modular homes with foundations will be built on this site to house the weekly tourists who are visiting the area for The Cooperstown Dreams Park.

The Dreams Park is only open for 10 weeks & so will be the Pleasant Meadows Mobile Home Park. These homes will only be available during the summer season which will not cause an increase in taxes as student enrollment will not increase. The property owner will be paying taxes in such as school, county, land, ect. Which will be a winning situation for Milford Taxpayers!

This property will be upgraded with new landscaping, appropriate lighting & attractive new homes. This project will have new jobs available, including construction, full time management cleaners & maintenance workers.

This property will only provide housing for weekly tourists who are visiting the area for The Cooperstown Dreams Park.
The other alternative for this property is a PERMANENT Trailer Park. Honestly 10 weeks worth of non-permanent tourists sounds better than PERMANENT residents which will cause an increase in taxes & traffic.

Please sign in favor of the Pleasant Meadows Transient Permit Project, Thank You.

8. Warning to tourists; Animal poisoned and left to rot to death in Greece

Cats and Dogs here in Chios, Greece are on Death row.... There poor animals are poisened, abused or left to starve by there owners on a tight chain. There painful deaths are all fault to the Greek society and the greek authorities, that do not implement there animal rights laws.

Every single day here in Chios, Greece, i witness animal cruelty and death. Starving cats and dogs overrun the Island and nearly all die before there 1st birthday.

9. Stop Summertime Hunting in Minnesota

The Bear Interest Group is working for an Ethical balance between Humans, Bears, and the Environment. This petition is to The Honorable Governor Jesse Ventura, Minnesota State Senators and House Representatives.

Please show your support by signing this petition to restrict Hunting to AFTER Labor Day in September, and before Fishing Opener in May !
It is high time that Minnesota initiates No Hunting during our Peak Tourism Season, to keep our summer time free from worry !

Summer is vacation time in Minnesota with Millions of tourists, 850,000 students out of school, and thousands of families visiting summer cabins.
Many people feel uncomfortable in the forest alongside hunters. Too many people have been mistaken for game, or hit by stray bullets. See our hunting accident report at

In the year 2000, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) moved Bear Season Opener from September 1st to August 22nd. Hunting is increasing in summer and is particularly dangerous because leafy vegetation obscures visibility but does not stop bullets. Tourists need to be warned that over 20,000 bear hunters, some of them novices as young as twelve, will be sitting in the woods wearing camouflage, obscured by leaves, and carrying high-powered rifles. No one is required to wear orange.
Unsuspecting tourists may indeed be wearing black or brown.
Bullets can travel hundreds of yards through leaves and miles through the air.

Currently, hunting in Minnesota is conducted all 12 months of the year. During the summer, the animals being hunted are crow, fox and raccoon. Now add bear. These animals could easily be harvested with better pelts, during the other nine months of the year.
Our Bill will help all animals that need quiet summers to raise their young. When gun shots ring through the air, animals go on the run ! They are deprived of sufficient food and are denied the opportunity to teach their young how to survive.

We support hunting in the fall after the Labor Day weekend, but during the warm months we support safety for the millions of tourists and residents who want to enjoy Minnesota's vacationland without worry.

We, at the Bear Interest Group (BIG), have met with the DNR four times, to try to understand their position and learned that the DNR has no plan to mitigate the danger. They have not mentioned any plans to put up signs to warn tourists that hunters are in the woods during this time, and they are not requiring anyone to wear blaze orange.
Most tourists and residents are unaware that bear season opens this early.

This change also effects the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Yes, bear hunting is allowed in the BWCAW.
This change in the hunting season enables hunters to Shoot Big Game in the BWCAW with Shot Guns, Rifles and Pistols starting August 23rd and for the following 7 weeks of the Bear Season.
Boat Motors' are NOT allowed, but Guns are !!

You need to be informed of this significant change in the Hunting Season dates. Once you know, then it becomes your choice to be outdoors during the hunting seasons !

BIG has spent two years researching the economical, environmental, and safety concerns of allowing hunting during the summer and we are finding strong support among the public and the legislature for our bill. Nevertheless, the DNR is unwilling to delay the opening of bear hunting to after Labor Day. If the DNR is correct that there is a growing bear population, the reason they stated for issuing the early opener, there are other ways to control bears without threatening public safety.