Singapore Government and Ministry of Manpower

Over the years, Singapore has become a popular destination for leisure, business and employment. With the influx of foreigners into Singapore, more jobs are created and thus benefits Singapore's economy. Being a First World country, many expectations are held such as stablility, technology and service quality.

However Singapore is lacking service quality as compared to various First World country counterparts. This is due to the increase in foreign workers in Singapore of more than 1.3 million (http://www.mom.gov.sg/statistics-publications/others/statistics/Pages/ForeignWorkforceNumbers.aspx), more commonly seen in the service (including Food & Beverage) industry.

Although there are extreme minority exceptions, several reasons service quality expected from the people, locals and foreigners, is significantly diminished includes but not limited to, differences in culture, no loyalty towards Singapore, and low wage.

For Singapore to excel and grow further, our service quality standards needs to be improved and managed. Such as the Food Hygiene Standard from NEA, a Service Quality Standard (SQS) can rate a service provider accordingly. The advantages are twofold - improving Singapore's service quality, and challenging businesses to upgrade their employees.

This can be achieved through a star rating system (allowing customers to be informed of the quality of the service provider). The Director and assigned professional officers will conduct regular 'mystery shopping/dining' to access the rating. This will encourage businesses to improve their service if they do not wish to lose out to higher rated SQS businesses.

We, the undersigned, appeal to the Governement of the Republic of Singapore to consider creating a regulatory department to manage the service quality of Singapore's businesses.

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