Ballina Shire Council

Ballina's beaches and waterways have been littered with debris & large logs from a previous cyclone (Debbie) since 31st March 2017.
East Coast Lows (ECL's) have also damaged our coastline following cyclone Debbie's brute force which saw many Queensland and NSW coastal towns battered by these events. It has been over four months and our beaches and waterways are still littered with logs and other debris which is giving our beautiful town a tarnished look.
Ballina Council dose not see it as a commitment in their budget to keep our beaches and waterways clean. At a recent Council meeting Ballina Council voted 5-4 AGAINST cleaning our beaches and waterways stating, and I quote, "Nature will take its coarse" and "there is no debris on our beaches" At Ballina Councils General meeting on 24th Aug. Councillors by way of a "vote" agreed to adopt a policy to adopt a policy to look at ways of keeping beaches and waterways clean. If Councillors interest in this motion was anything to go by, it could be years before anything is accomplished by Council. SO YOUR SUPPORT is needed to keep pressure on Council to prioritise the clean up.
Ballina has always boasted its clean pristine beaches and waterways. Tourists and locals have been put at risk with large logs and tree branches littering our beaches and waterways. They are a health as well as a safety risk to all who use our once beautiful beaches. Some residents and possibly tourists have taken it upon themselves to move logs and debris off the beaches to the foot of the sand dunes, but the debris is still visible and a real eyesore.

We, the undersigned call upon Ballina Council to clean our beaches and waterways back to the way the community and tourists are use to seeing and boasting to their friends about.
Ballina is famous for its clean and safe beaches and waterways, amongst other attractions.... Lets keep it that way!

The Clean up Ballina's Beaches & Waterways petition to Ballina Shire Council was written by Brian Mullens and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.