#Animal Rights
Alderman Edward Burke(14th ward) and Shirley Coleman(16th ward)
United States of America

There is a proposed ordinance in Chicago that might make owning a ferret in Chicago illegal. We can't have this. Ferrets are not dangerous, do not carry monkeypox or rabies, and are the third most popular pet just behind dogs and cats! This ordinance needs to remove ferrets from the list.

Since the outbreak of monkeypox caused by Gambian Rats imported from Africa, many people have been leary and some scared of any exotic animals. To some, ferrets fit the term exotic. Odd, since they are the third most popular pet trailing only behind dogs and cats. The aldermen obviously need some clarification on the fact that the CDC specifically states that the carriers of monkeypox are rodents and prairie dogs. Ferrets are not carriers of rabies,which some people think. They CAN be vaccinated for it. The name of the vaccine used for ferrets is IMRAB 3. People also think ferrets bite. Well, when they are babies they are just like puppies who nip and need to be taught that it's wrong. There is no reason to ban ferrets. Use the link below to get more info.

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