#Human Rights
United Nation

This petition is about the human beings in the Thirld World who are suffring from their corrupted, destroying, and heartless leaders. The strong, and greedy countries place them to get their benefit. The suffering of the Third World human beings has been going on for years and years. Why? All human beings (the good ones) want freedom, independence, and human rights.

Help us to stop the big, strong, and heartless countries from involving and destroying the Third World. The people of the Third World want badly to clean their countries from their corrupted leaders who the heartless countries brought in. Those heartless countries did those things in the name of the Third World Benefits. The truth is that, it is for their benefits. So, my message is to the human beings (not leaders or politicians), all over the world help us to stand together and free all the countries from the greedy, destroyer, savage, and slaughter people.

Let's hold our hands together and fight for the Third World truly and honestly.

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The Third World Human Rights petition to United Nation was written by Lulu Habib and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.