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It is said that the reason the south Louisiana is eroding is because of lack of new sediments that used to come from the river. While this may be true to some extent it is not the main reason. Saltwater intrusion has done the most damage.

For over 50 year Oil exploration has helped destroy the wetlands in south Louisiana. The demand for Oil forced oil companies to disregard the environment in south Louisiana. Canals were dug through Freshwater Cypress Swamps into the Gulf of Mexico injecting saltwater into them and destroying them.

We need a reliable source of income to fund the projects that are needed to restore south Louisiana. We need our cypress swamps and barrier islands to protect us from the storms.

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As of 12-30-05 1200 signature on paper have been collected.

We, the undersigned, Petition All Louisiana Law Makers to Change the Louisiana Border from 3 Miles to 10 Miles and to tax All Oil no less than $5 per barrel and Natural Gas no less than 5% that comes from the state of Louisiana.

We also Petition that all money be put into an account that can only be used for Levees, Wetland restoration and Flood protection with no less than 10% going towards Police, Fire, Services & Education Statewide. We Petition that Law Makers take whatever steps that are necessary to do this, up to and including changing the Louisiana Constitution.
We consider this to be a priority and believe it is what is best for the citizens of the state of Louisiana.

We Believe that we have helped America long enough by giving our oil away at a very high cost to us. Now it is time to take care of Louisiana.

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