#Science & Technology
Zango and the FTC

Zango (formerly known as 180solutions) is a producer of Spy-Ware that displays popups and sometimes porn on the computers that they have infected.

According to http://www.spywarewarrior.com/elh/180-summ.htm, Zango is known to:
Install through illegal bot-nets,
Install through racist videos,
Install through exploits
Install through illegal crackz sites
Install using rootkits
Install through worms (a type of computer virus)
Pop up sleazy ads over the FTC's web site, and more!

We demand that Zango stop using illegal an unethical methods to install malware on user's computers, that Zango stop producing Spy-Ware and that the FTC prevent Zango from using illegal an unethical methods to install malware and stop Zango from producing Spy-Ware.

The Stop Zango petition to Zango and the FTC was written by Anonymous and is in the category Science & Technology at GoPetition.